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5 Facebook Marketing Tips For Small Businesses To Bring In More Business


Many newbie and seasoned business owners realize how powerful social media can be when it comes to sale or lead generation. One of the best and most powerful social media platforms today is Facebook. There is no doubt that this platform hasn’t yet lost its steam when it comes to attracting users. The whole point of using Facebook for marketing is to generate more business for companies or small-scale businesses out there.

From the 3rd quarter of 2008 to the 1st quarter of 2016, the number of Facebook users had steadily increased. At present, there are at least 1.6 billion registered Facebook users. This makes marketing on Facebook really look good for those who have business ventures.

There are many marketing strategies that have been seen and used on this social media platform. However, it is very obvious that not all have worked as expected. One strategy could produce very good results in terms of business generation for a company but in some instances, it will simply fail. So, what is going wrong in these scenarios?

Apparently, there are more to these Facebook marketing tactics than what small business owners are seeing. The good thing is that solutions are just there and waiting to be discovered and used. When it comes to the goal of getting more business effectively, the following Facebook marketing tips will be very useful:

  1. Maximize the Power of the Ad Targeting Feature of Facebook


This feature allows a business to locate and reach out to specific target clients. While there are a billion Facebook users out there, a business will only need a tiny portion of this number in order to really earn money. Ad targeting means that the platform will make the ads visible to the audience that has been selected by means of different parameters such as interest, age, location, gender, connection, etc.


This Facebook feature will be more effective if different ads will be tested on various parameters. Limiting marketing on Facebook using only 1 or 2 ads might seem a good idea but it actually isn’t.  Several ads must be tested on a regular basis and the most effective ones retained.


  1. Increase the Power of Ads Through Optimization


The goal of a small business owner here is to make his or her ad stand out. It means that from among thousands of ads that will be posted on Facebook, the ads of the business must be able to get the attention of targeted audience effectively. This is the principle of optimization.


In order to make an ad optimized for Facebook marketing, the following things must be done:

  • Make the user interface of the ad user-friendly. It must load up easily on both PC and mobile devices.
  • Use colors and images that are directly related to the products or services being offered by the business. Grammar and spelling must be flawless too.
  • Give ads a personal touch. Unique images must be used. It must ask questions and have a CTA (call to action) line within the texts.
  • Don’t use links that that lead to sites or pages that aren’t related to the customer’s needs.


  1. Time is Powerful Too: Use it Wisely

Seasoned online business owners know this well. There are specific times within a day, week, or month wherein traffic and conversion rates are really high. This means that small business owners must not be contented with just launching an ad campaign at random times and wait for good results to come. Choosing a perfect time to reach out to customers is the best thing to do when it comes to this matter.


Again, regular testing and analysis of data must be done by business owners. There are apps and online services that can pinpoint the most profitable time, day, or week for a specific business. This can be used to schedule marketing activities.


  1. Spending Power Must be Balanced With the CTR

It is easy for a small business owner to be tempted to max out his or budget on ad optimization rates offered by Facebook. Of course, Facebook needs to earn money too and this is why it will not offer to explain other options when it comes to the cost of clicks that advertisers can pay.


A business owner should study well the possible results of bid prices that he or she can go for. One thing to take note though is that one must not lower the bid cost too much because this affects the quality of the CTR or Click-Through-Rate.


  1. Evaluate, Regroup, and Redesign

One cannot be overly confident about the results he or she is getting when it comes to marketing on Facebook. There must be regular evaluations of ad campaign/marketing results. Trends and figures must be examined so that better plans and strategies could be crafted for future use.


The use of apps to track traffic, conversion rate, ROI, and other figures related to the ad campaign is encouraged. Many of these apps can be downloaded for free on the Internet these days. In case of loss of profit, data generated by these apps can be used to regroup and redesign marketing plans.


Based on the tips mentioned above, it is easy to see that even small businesses have the potential to make it big in world of online marketing today. Ad test results, optimization strategies, and Facebook ad features are some of the best tools that small business owners can use if they want more customers to come.


marketing on facebook
marketing on facebook

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