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5 Steps to Making Money with ClickBank

Affiliate marketing is a tried-and-tested method of generating income on the Internet. In particular, being an affiliate marketer for ClickBank — one of the largest affiliate networks today — gives you the potential to earn unlimited passive income simply by promoting any of its more than 45,000 products. The network currently connects with more than 12,000 vendors that provide the products, so making this affiliate marketing venture your fulltime business certainly comes with a high success rate.

Nevertheless, before you set your expectations too high, you have to learn first the steps in making money with ClickBank. Follow these five steps and walk your way towards a richer you.

  1. Select the products within your niche that best complement your website’s content.

The selection process can be the most difficult and the longest part of starting your affiliate marketing career with ClickBank. This step is very important as the quality, market appeal, demand, Unique Selling Point (USP), and relevance of the product ultimately decide how marketable a product is, which in effect determines how much commission you can earn from every sale. This is not just about choosing what you want or what seems to be the perfect match for your website. This is also about conducting thorough market research to determine what your readers want to know more about.

Most affiliate marketers commit the grave mistake of selecting a product based on commission or popularity. However, the most successful ClickBank affiliate marketers are those that earn from huge volume rather than from a high commission rate. Products that are generally popular may also not be relevant to your website, so making popularity the sole factor in selecting a product should already be out of the picture.

Choose a product that you can sell, regardless if others have already been promoting it or not.

  1. Read the fine print in the vendor’s website.

Reading the fine print will not get you paid; however, doing this is a crucial step in gauging how sellable a product and how trustworthy the vendor is. ClickBank’s product list does not include all the important details about the product, the vendor, and the commission agreement. You have to check the vendor’s website and the product’s sales page to know the pros and cons of the product. Naturally, you should never promote a product that you yourself will not buy. Otherwise, all the negative feedback about every substandard product you promote will also reflect on your own reputation.

The partnership conditions and refund policy are also explained in the vendor’s website. Do not be fooled by a high commission rate if the underlying conditions are unfavorable to you.

  1. Promote products by telling the true strengths and flaws of each product.

Sadly, many affiliate marketers understand promotion as hard selling a product. That is wrong. Although the main goal of an affiliate marketer is to successfully convince a reader to buy the product that he promotes, telling lies and deliberately hiding some negative details might only backfire on you as unethical strategies can ruin your reputation. As you probably know by now, reputation is everything online.

Moreover, readers are no longer as gullible as you think they are. They want a balanced and neutral opinion when reading anything about a product because they want to have the privilege of making a decision on their own. Even if you cannot totally give a neutral opinion, you should still make your promotions look honest by showing two different sides.

  1. Incorporate ClickBank’s search feature in every page of your website.

Another way to earn from ClickBank is by adding its search feature widget to your website. This is a search bar that allows your visitors to search any product in the list. Even if your visitors do not buy anything using your affiliate links, you can still earn a commission if they buy something directly from ClickBank using your search bar.

Putting ClickBank’s search bar in every page also prevents your visitors from leaving your website right away in favor of another affiliate marketer’s website.

  1. Apply visitor retargeting and other online marketing strategies to increase your conversion rate.

The last step in making money with ClickBank is brand reinforcement. A visitor who leaves your website is not necessarily a lost customer. That visitor might still be convinced to come back if you can show him your website or the product you are promoting over and over again in any website he visits.

Visitor retargeting is an online advertising strategy where your website drops cookies in all of your visitors’ computers. This way, your advertisement can follow them whatever site they visit until they give in to the temptation of clicking and finally making a successful purchase.

5 Steps to Making Money with ClickBank

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