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6 Online Business Opportunities that Make Money


Today’s world provides a lot of business opportunities through another world – the cyber world. Jobs cannot only be found on the newspapers’ classified ads but on URLs. You don’t have to commute going to your workplace, your work is within the reach of your fingertips. You don’t have to worry about how long your neck tie should be or are your clothes well-ironed. You can work with your PJs on.

All you have to do is find the perfect business opportunity. Here is some good news. You don’t have to spend a day or a week to look for it. Listed below are six (6) online business opportunities that will help you make money.

Online Store Owner

With today’s everyday hustle-bustle in life plus demanding work schedules one has to juggle with his leisure and family time, consumers are all after one thing – convenience. That and a lot more perks can be given by online stores. Looking for the right dress? Hunting the perfect study lamp? Or craving for home-made chocolate chips cookies? Name it. Type it and choose the right online store. So why not create your own online store and earn money and new friends.

If you are a natural cook or baker then try having an online pastry store or an online kitchen delivering made-to-order meals. If you are into fashion and beauty, find the perfect supplier and start retailing apparels, make-ups and shoes. Practically, anything legal you wanted to sell online can be done especially with the increasing numbers of online shoppers all over the globe.

Professional Freelancer

Do you want to work from home? Do you want to be your own boss? Or do you want to keep your present job and like to earn more? If your answer is “yes”, freelancing might be the thing for you. Maximize your skills and potentials by being a professional freelancer.

There are a lot of online freelancing platforms nowadays. The most popular ones are and These sites allow you to finish projects, tasks or assignments that fit your skills or profile and you will receive payment after completing them. You can be a full-timer or part-timer in the freelancing business. Freelancing is more flexible than being an employed worker.

Business Coach

Are you a business savvy? Share your organizational and business skills to others who need them more. Struggling business owners pay a good sum of money to business coaches who can save them from the stress and problems of being a newbie in the industry. You can create your own website where you can interact with your clients or post your contact details online on business forums and sites. You can also try writing business-related articles on LinkedIn or online news gazettes.

eBook Writer

With today’s growing rate of e-readers, the writer in  you do not have to fear rejection from publishing houses because you can attain authorship through publishing your own eBook. Being an eBook author is one of the best online business opportunities for writers and researchers. Choose your genre and topic, create informative and unique eBooks for your target market, learn how to sell them online and reap the rewards.

You can write anything and everything under the sun, be it about perks of living on a high-rise building to the basics of knitting. There are also lots of online websites where you can sell your finished book such as Amazon, Free-eBooks, PayLoadz and Craiglist.

App Developer

Smartphones play big roles on today’s lifestyle and culture and there are many people who are more than willing to pay for apps for their phones. If you happen to be the techy guy who is knowledgeable about programming, coding and software development; then this career path is right for you. Extract your creative juices and develop useful and entertaining apps for various users.

Web Designer

Companies from small ones even to multinational firms need powerful branding to establish or maintain their current corporate image and this is where web designers come in. In a world where the internet is considered to be one of the strongest communication tools, marketing personnel and company-owners know the importance of creating a website that speaks for the organization.

Websites provide the link between the organization and its stakeholders, particularly its customers. Majority of the revenue-generating transactions of business are powered by tools located on websites such as selling the products and finding prospective clients or customers. If you happen to have the skills on creating eye-catching and functional websites then do not hesitate to jump into web designing.


The list above is just some of the online business opportunities waiting for you at the cyber world. Just be sure to choose the one which fits your skills, passion and interest. Remember to reap not only the money but the craziest, funniest, wittiest experience you will have and you will surely enjoy working online.

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