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best sites to sell online

The widespread use of internet in every walk of life has made it an ever-growing online marketplace. This is evident from the ecommerce sales figures for the year 2019 that went over $1.7 trillion and is forecasted to grow at a dramatic pace for the next 5 years. More and more companies are adopting ecommerce websites as online marketplaces for the sale of their products.

If you are an internet user, may be you are already aware of these online marketplaces and websites. You already are aware of websites such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc who are the big giants of the ecommerce. But there are certain rising stars of the ecommerce world as well such as that is slowly making a mark in the world of ecommerce.

In this piece, we will walk you through a comprehensive list of top 100 online selling websites with information on these websites and their business. Let us look at the list.

We have grouped these in three categories –


UK, US, Europe, & Australia and

From All Over the World.

Let us start off with listing the ecommerce marketplaces with a global presence.



This is one of the rising stars in the ecommerce market space. This marketplace is relatively new and users can sell anything they want for free on this online. They can quickly register on this website with Facebook, twitter, Gmail, or LinkedIn. The best part about this website is that you can become a seller without paying a penny. Just sign up and open a free online store. The seamless customer support for sellers is one other thing that this ecommerce website is well known for.

Logon to : and check it out for yourself.

best sites to sell online

2. Amazon

This name needs no introduction. Amazon is a global market leader in ecommerce sales with presence in almost all major countries in the world. The website serves as an online marketplace for buyer and sellers, though there is a certain commission that needs to be paid to Amazon to use the platform to sell your products. The website has its own version based on the country or the geographical location you are based at. On an average Amazon receives over 5 billion visits worldwide.

Website link:

3. eBay

EBay is another big name in the world of ecommerce. This ecommerce giant has a global presence and as a result is able to pull in over 1.5 billion visits monthly. The website provides for a platform for a seamless sale and purchase of goods. The website has its local versions based on the geographical region.

The website link is:

4. AliExpress

This is an online retail service based out of China and now has a global presence. This chain is owned by Alibaba group. AliExpress retails all kind of products starting from clothing, electronics, fashion, sports and more. You can access the website directly or can download the app. The AliExpress has a lot of small businesses based out of China who are the sellers on the platform. The website gets little over 630 million visits every month.

The website link:

5. Rakuten

Rakuten is the largest ecommerce player in Japan and is one of the leading ecommerce companies worldwide. The company has a global presence with websites for its geographical locations. Currently Rakuten is serving in over 29 countries. The company retails everything starting from electronics, clothing, sports, and much more. The ecommerce website gets a total of 620 million visits every month globally.

For more info log on:

6. is another ecommerce player which has a global presence. Headquartered in Beijing. China. This company is known for its high-tech delivery system and uses drones and autonomous delivery technology. The company is a retail player and is a renowned online marketplace preferred by many buyers and sellers. The website retails everything starting from clothing to home essentials to fancy gadgets and electronics. The website gets around 318 million visits monthly.

Log on to their website to find out more:

7. Etsy

This is an ecommerce website that is focussed on selling handmade goods, vintage items and craft supplies. The products range from categories such as jewelry, clothing, bags, furniture, home décor, craft supplies, tools, etc. The vintage items that are listed and sold in the ecommerce website should be at least 20 years old. Currently the platform has 2.1 million sellers on the platform and around 39.4 million buyers. Users can register on the website to either buy or sell the products. Etsy is available globally with around 260 million users.

Their website:

8. Wish

This is another ecommerce platform that helps in facilitating seamless transactions between the buyers and the sellers. The platform provides a state-of-the-art browsing technology that provides a personalised visual shopping experience rather than the traditional search bar thing. The platform allows its sellers to directly list and sell the products. The company is just an intermediary and does not hold or stock products itself. The website gets about 111 million visits every month.

Log on to : for more information.


This is a well-known British online, fashion and clothing retailer. The website sells close to 850 rands along with its own range of fashion clothing, cosmetics and accessories. The website ships its products to all the 196 countries with its fulfilment centres across the globe. The website is intuitive and talks volumes about the success of the brand.

For more information log on to:

10. Discogs

The company is an online platform that makes a database of audio recordings and information which includes commercial and promotional releases etc. The company aimed at becoming the largest online music database and it currently contains over 12 million releases by close to 6 million artists with 1.3 million labels. The website has over 4.5 million contributors and that keeps on increasing over time. The monthly visit to the website is 43 million but even that is pretty formidable considering that only music is sold on this website

Visit the website :

11. Bandcamp

This is another online music retail company that came in into existence in 2008. Artists can upload and control the way they want to sell the music by setting their own prices. The fans can download, stream the music they love and can also send music as gift. It’s free to upload music to bandcamp and company takes 15% in the sales made. The website has about 30 million visits on a monthly basis.

The website address:

12. Farfetch

This is an online luxury fashion retailer that sources products from close to 700 boutiques and global brands. The company operates in local language websites and deals with clothes, accessories, shoes, jewellery, designer clothes. The website has a global presence and gets over 23 million monthly visits.

Find out more on:

13. Houzz

This is an online architecture, interior designing, decorating, home improvements and landscape designing community. They specialise in home remodelling and interior design and source the best products you need to set up a perfect home. With a global presence, the website gets over 18 million monthly visits.

To know more about their products log on:

14. Reverb

This is another global online marketplace for used, new and vintage music gear and instruments. The website runs a multimillion-dollar business and gets over 10 million user visits monthly. The website allows free listings of musical instruments from anyone.

To know more logon:


G2A is a global online marketplace that specializes in the resale of gaming products by making use of redemption keys. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong with a global presence and outreach. The site has around 16 million customers, 4 million sellers and up to 75,000 digital products.

For more information log on:

16. AbeBooks

This online marketplace consists of seven websites that offer books, collectibles, and fine art that sources from over 50 countries. The website has a global presence in specializes in rare, used, out-of-print books and gets over 13 million visitors monthly.

To find out more log on:

17. Fruugo

This is an online retail website that offers a wide range of products in categories such as Sports & Leisure, Health & Beauty, Clothing, Home and Garden, Kids & Toys, Electricals, Food & Drink, etc. The company has a global presence with over 15 million happy customers worldwide.

For more info log on:

18. Depop

This is more of an app based e-commerce platform that lets people buy and sell products through iOS and Android platforms. The platform is available across the world with about 6 million user visits monthly.

Log on :

19. Bonanza

This is another global ecommerce platform that deals in some of the major categories of items such as Men’s & Women’s fashion, Health & Beauty, Home & Garden, Collectibles & Art, Handbags, jeweller, etc. The website is voted as best place to sell online by over 12,000 sellers and is also one of the best entrepreneurial Companies in America.

For further info :

20. BrickLink

This is the world’s largest LEGO marketplace that lets the user buy and sell the parts and build the sets at one place. The website has a global presence and is one of the largest as a global marketplace in categories of Toys.

For further info logon:

21. 1stdibs

This is an online marketplace which specializes in sale of luxury items such as high-end furniture, jewellery, or fine-art items. The company has been a big name in the antiques business. The company has a global presence with over 3.7 million user visits monthly.

For further info:

22. Delcampe

This is the largest online marketplace for collectibles such as stamps, postcards, coins and banknotes, art and antiques, old papers, etc. You can get almost all category of collectibles with 85 million items for sale, more than 2 million members with more than 20 years of experience.

For more info log on:

23. Moda Operandi

This is a fashion discovery platform that can provide a platform that provides access to customers to shop directly from designer’s runaway collections. The platform provides the women the power to choose and access the entire collection.

For more information:

24. eBid

This is an online auction company that is operating in around 23 countries where the users can list as sellers and they sell in more than 100 countries. The user can list an item for a basic auction for free where a small percentage from the sale is taken by the company. The age gets around 8 million user visits monthly.

To know more about the website click on:

With that we come to the first group of websites. Let’s look at the US, UK, Europe, and Australia group.

US, UK, Europe and Australia


This is an American multinational retail corporation brand that operates a huge chain of hypermarkets, departmental, and grocery stores. Walmart is a household name in the United states and now has an online presence in the form of s website for sellers and buyers. The company deals with the retail and purchase of products categories such as Electronics, Home & Furniture, Clothing, Jewellery, etc.

The website :


This is another ecommerce giant in the United States which is very popular and holds stakes in the retail businesses. They offer products such as Beauty and health products; bedding; clothing and accessories; electronics; food; furniture; jewelry; lawn and garden; pet supplies; shoes; small appliances; toys/games, etc. They have their physical stores such as Target discount store, then the hypermarket – SuperTarget and the smaller versions such as CityTarget and TargetExpress and have an online marketplace as well.

The website:

27. Best Buy

This is an American electronics retail giant that specializes in consumer electronics and appliances. The company has a division operating in Canada as well. The company has physical stores and an online presence offering an ecommerce marketplace.

To explore the products offered:

28. Poshmark

This online ecommerce marketplace is more like a social platform where the people in the United Sales can list old clothing and buy them as well. The site also provides for new clothing, shoes, and accessories. The company was founded in 2011 and has grown by leaps and bounds ever since.

For more information log on:

29. Newegg

This is an online retailer and marketplace that deals with consumer electronics and computer hardware. The company has a major presence in the United States and Canada through it claims to offer services worldwide. The website offers software peripherals, gaming, electronics and accessories, DVD’s among other things.

For further information click on:

30. Overstock

This is an American ecommerce retailer that used to sell surplus stocks and merchandise of failed ecommerce websites. It also used to manage the inventory supplies of other retailers. It is currently selling everything ranging from furniture, to home décor, to kitchen essentials, and apparels. The company is based in USA but ships to all major countries.

For more information visit the website:

31. Barnes and Noble

This is an American Bookseller company which has the largest number of bookseller outlets across the United States. The company is known for its large outlets serving Starbucks coffee and other eatables as well. All its products are accessible through the Barnes and Nobles consumer website which is a virtual online bookstore.

Check out the collection on:

32. Sears

This is an American chain of departmental stores that was the largest retail chain in the Unites States in the 1980’s until Walmart surpassed it. However, it continues to remain an alternative to Walmart and other players. The company offers its products through its ecommerce website to customers and contimues to get close to 19 million visits on a monthly basis.

The website:

33. GunBroker

As the name of the website suggests, the gunbroker is an auction site for guns and firearms. The website does not stock firearms but acts as a facilitator of transactions between the buyers and the sellers. It claims to have over 2.5 million users and is pretty popular in the United States. The transactions are carried out as per the Government regulations and norms.

Find out more on the website:


This American ecommerce website specialises in conducting auctions and facilitates the transactions between sellers and prospective buyers. The proceeds from these auctions are spent in the Goodwill Industries’ noble initiatives which is a not for profit organisation. You will be amazed at the collection that is listed for auction.

Explore the collection on:

35. TheRealReal

The company is based out of United States and is a leader in authentic luxury goods which sells consigned clothing, watches, jewellery, fine art, home décor, etc. The business is based on its USP of selling authentic and real goods and that is why they are so popular. The authentication process is rigorous and overseen by experts to ensure all goods are authentic.

Explore the Real stuff on:

36. Grailed

This is the largest online store that retails high quality men’s designer street dresses and pieces. It sources its collection from world’s renowned brands. You get everything starting from clothing, to shoes, accessories and apparel.

You can find more on:

37. Tradesy

This company is an online apparel resale market where the users can buy and sell women’s designer contemporary fashion in the luxury category. The company is one of the leading players in the $24 billion apparel resale marketplaces in the United States. With monthly visits of about 4.5 million users, this marketplace is always living up to your expectations.

Know more on:

38. Rue La La

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, this company is known to offer huge discounts with the most famous brands. You can get up to70 percent discount with almost all the brands. They specialise in fashion for all – men, women, kids and for your homes as well. With an average of 4 million users visiting the website monthly, this one is doing pretty well.

Explore the collection at:

39. Tophatter

This website is known to the world’s most entertaining live auction site, that features some of the most unique collections of products and deals that you may have never seen before. You will be amazed to see the line of products and the unbelievable prices. They get around 3.5 million visits every month which is pretty good.

You can check the products at:

40. Vestiaire Collective

If you are looking for the best pre-owned fashion with discounts of up to 70 percent, this online marketplace could be the best place to buy from. You can get the luxury pre-owned products under all the categories of products righ from women, men and kids fashions to shoes and apparels.

Discover the exciting collection on:

41. Storenvy

This is an ecommerce marketplace with a difference. It lets the seller build their own online store and provides the necessary tools to do that. The platform has over 65,000 merchants and millions of products listed to provide for a comprehensive range of products on the platform. The best part about this platform is that it lets you buy directly from world’s best brands and ensures that all products are authentic and original.

Know more about the platform on:

42. Jane

This ecommerce platform is popular for s deal of the day and is one of the promising platforms that offers the most current trends in fashion and home décor. The best part is the deal of the day section where there are more than 400 plus deals that give discounts of up to 65 percent which makes it a go to site for Americans looking forward for some best deals.

Find out more on:


This is another ecommerce platform based out of the United States that lets you build an online store along with a comprehensive collection of products. The site retails all categories of products and listings from its own sellers, is pretty popular among entrepreneurs as an initial platform to start selling.

Check out their website to know more:

44. Jet

This online marketplace lets you pick up and shop from carefully curated brands and essentials everything under one roof. Whether it is fashion, home décor, beauty products, grocery items, or electronic – you name it and you get it all. The jet gets around 1.4 million visits every month and is quite popular in the US.

Browse the product categories on:

45. Alibris

This ecommerce website is more like your online book and music store that lets you buy and sell new and old, books, textbooks, movies, music, etc. The company has been there since 1997 and has been selling old, out-of-print and all types of books and music. The website gets around 1.2 million visits every month.

The website:


This is like the online book vault which promises to stock almost all used and out-of-print books. The shipping is 100 person secure and for book lovers there are signed books, first edition copies, Hardcovers, limited editions and of course out-of-print books. You get almost every book you want in this online store.

Look for your favourite books on:

47. Cratejoy

Ever seen an online marketplace for hobbies and interests? Well, here it is one unique marketplace where you can buy hobby packages and interests. These hobbies and interests are available in the form of subscription boxes and you can select the subscription based on the stuff you are passionate about.

Check out your subscription boxes at :

48. Ruby Lane

This is that one online marketplace that specializes in the purchase and sell of high quality antique and art pieces, Dolls, Jewelry items and Vintage products all brought in from the world’s largest carefully curated marketplaces. If you are one of the antique lovers this is the site that can give you the best.

Explore the collection at:

49. Property Room

This is a live online auction site that sells confiscated police goods on the platform along with certain other third party merchandise to the highest winning bidder. This is, in fact, the largest platform where police auction takes place operating in the Unites States.

To know more log on:

50. Hip eCommerce

On this ecommerce platform hundred and thousands of likeminded people connect to buy and sell collectibles. The services revolve around catering to the needs of every buyer or seller of a collectible. Apart from that the platform provides tools and seller services for the sellers to be able to reach a wide audience.

Explore the collectibles on:

51. ArtFire

The online marketplace is the home to all kinds of artisan goods, handmade jewellery, crafts along with vintage clothing and supplies. Through this website you get to connect to independent artisans, craftsmen, small businesses and craft makers around the world to connect and enjoy the rare art and finds.

Explore all the artwork on:

52. Tanga

This online marketplace is one of the top marketplaces that features some of the best deals for their customers. The categories include men and women’s fashion along with Electronics and Home Décor, Health & Beauty and much more.

Explore the deals on:

53. Gun Auction

This is the oldest gun auction website in the United States that was started in 1988. This offers a great marketplace for the users to research the gun prices buy and sell guns and get the most current knowledge on the guns and all the cool stuff around them.

For the options get on:


This is a renowned textbook marketplace where the users can buy, sell, and rent textbooks, used and new. The company is a premier retailer of all types of textbooks and study materials. The online store is an intuitive website with easy to use layout and category.

Browse the textbooks and books you like on:

55. Zibbet

Now this is a creative marketplace for artists, makers and entrepreneurs to sell all their creative stuff online and sell it everywhere anywhere, where there is a market and demand of the products. The website also lets you build your own websites stitch your websites together along with giving you a perfect marketplace to sell all your products.

For further information logon:

56. OpenSky

Open Sky is a social networking based marketplace where the users can connect with their friends to discover, explore, buy and then share information on unique items. The categories contain everything starting from apparel, accessories, jewelry, health and wellness items to kitchen and electronic items. The website is full of mind-blowing deals and is a major reason of its huge popularity.

Log on to : for more information

57. Valore Books

This ecommerce platform makes it easy for students to get books at the cheapest rates. The idea is to provide best used textbooks at the cheapest rates and giving the students with an option to rent the books. It also allows users to list and sell the old textbooks at the best rates online.

Now log on to: to get the best books.

58. TextbooksRush

This is another online bookstore that allows users to buy, sell or rent the books from the store at unbelievably cheaper rates. Apart from the books, the online store also stocks movies, video games and much more. The website is one among the many popular textbook storefronts and is vastly popular.

Get your favourite books now on the website:

59. TIAS

This is a New York based company with an online marketplace that deals with antiques and collectibles. You can buy and sell your antiques for the best prices here. If you are an art lover, you get it right here. Apart from that you can get vintage and antique glass products along with jewelry, vintage dolls, among other things.

Explore the product range at:

60. MassGenie

This is a carefully curated online marketplace that has been designed to provide for an amazing shopping experience. The platform brings people together and crowdsources the products from many sellers and makes it available to the interested buyers. The purpose is to collaborate with more people to buy a product so that the prices and expenses can be shared and all can get all they need.

Find our more on:


As the name suggests, this ecommerce website is a popular marketplace where the users can sign up list an Ad and sell almost anything they want. The platform acts as a store to display the listed products and find the perfect buyer to the sellers. You can get products of all categories right at one place.

Browse the listings on:

That finishes our next region. Let us look at the ecommerce marketplaces from everywhere else including United States.

Ecommerce platforms from all over the world.

62. PayPay Mall

This is a Japanese ecommerce platform that is very popular in Japan. The platform lists almost every product that you can possibly think of. The company sources products from almost all the renowned brands and in almost all common categories.

The website:

63. Taobao

This is a Chinese online shopping platform. As per Alexa, it is the world’s biggest ecommerce website and also the eighth most visited online shopping website. The website facilitates C2C interaction by allowing the small businesses and independent entrepreneurs to open their own storefronts and sell their products directly to consumers.

Their website:

64. Shopee

This is a Singapore-based ecommerce platform that is a leading online shopping website in the South East Asian region spanning through Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, along with Taiwan and Brazil. The website has trustworthy sellers with a huge customer base of loyal customers across the countries.

The website:

65. Flipkart

Flipkart is India’s largest ecommerce giant that is the largest store for Mobiles, Electronics, Fashion, Home Appliances, Books and almost everything that you can think of. The website was started as an online book seller which later ventured into all other domains and categories of business. With Flipkart, the sellers can market and ship their products across India and abroad as well. The website gets around 242 million visits every month.

Check out the amazing products and deals on:

66. Tmall

Tmall is China’s largest B2C – business-to-consumer online retail website that is operational in China. It is one of the key players that provides the local Chinese businessman and international players to sell their products and services to the world’s largest population staying in the Mainland China.

Find out more on website:

67. Lazada

The Lazada group is one of the largest online retailers and has a presence in all major South-East Asian Countries. The site retails products of all categories starting from Electronics, Appliances, Fashion apparel and much more.

The Lazada group website:

68. Wayfair

Wayfair is a famous American ecommerce company that sells home-goods and furniture. The digital platform offers around 14 million products that are sourced from more than 11,000 global suppliers. The company is based out of US but claims to ship worldwide. Furniture, beds, rugs, décor & pillows, bathware – you get everything you are looking for.

Check the products on:

69. Zalando

This one is a European ecommerce website which offers Fashion and Lifestyle products to customers in over 17 European Markets. Clothing, shoes, apparel, high street to high end fashion, you find it all. The website gets 119 million visits every month.

Check out the website for products:

70. trendyol

This one is a popular ecommerce platform in Turkey. The company sources products from suppliers from across the world. The site claims to be the most visited ecommerce website in Turkey with over 16 million members, and over 150 million products.

Find out more:


This is the leading online store for books, electronics, and toys in Netherlands. It is one of the strongest retail brands and that is expected to grow extensively. The company maintains an intuitive website that is easy to use and is very popular among the users.

The website:

72. n11

This is another Turkish ecommerce website that is massively popular in Turkey. The ecommerce website retails products from almost all known categories. With around 80 million users visiting monthly the website is doing pretty well.

Find out more about the website on:

73. Tokopedia

This is an Indonesian technology company that specializes in ecommerce. The company retails products and services in all major categories and is a popular site in Indonesia.

The website:


Time to see one of the websites from France – this one is quite popular in France and retails products such as home electronics, household and personal appliances, IT, Tech products, food, etc. The company also operates in other European countries such as France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, and Luxembourg. The website gets over 68 million visits every month.

For more info:

75. Fnac

Here’s another French ecommerce retail giant that sells electronic and cultural products such as Audio, Books, DVDs, CDs, Games, and Electronics. The company also operates in all the major European countries and is a popular name in Europe.

Check the products on:

76. OTTO

This company started as a mail order company in Germany and soon grew to one of the world’s largest ecommerce companies. The company operates in over 20 companies worldwide. The site claims to get a monthly traffic of over 57 million customers and is one of the largest in Germany.

Find out more:

77. Snapdeal

 This one is another big player operating in the Indian sub-continent. The ecommerce shopping website claims to have over 3 million sellers and over 30 million products that are sold over 800 categories with over 1.25 million local and international brands. The platform is an easy-to-use, intuitive platform that is also available as an app.

For more information and product info:

78. Myntra

This is a fashion ecommerce giant operating in India and specializes in retailing and stoking the latest trends in contemporary and current trending fashion. Myntra gets around 48 million visits on a monthly basis and is one of the most popular website among Indians for all their clothing needs.

The website link:

79. GittiGidiyor

This is another ecommerce retailer from Turkey which is a subsidiary of eBay. The website offers a large number of products sourced from local as well as international sellers. The website offers products of all categories starting from Electronics, Home & Garden, Fashion, Cosmetics, Books, Music, Toys, etc.

For more information:

80. eMAG

This is an another ecommerce giant from Romania which has over 44 million visits every month. The categories are exhaustive starting from Electronics, fashion, clothing, apparel and everything else.

For further information:

81. Marktplaats

This is a classified advertising website that is based out of Netherlands. Since, it was acquired by eBay in the year 2004 and has been doing business in the lines of eBay. The company is however an online auctions company.

The website:

82. Souq

This is an English-Arabic ecommerce platform that is quite popular in the middle eastern counties. This is one of the largest ecommerce websites in the Arab world. It gets a monthly visitor count of 28 million users and sells products in over 30 categories. The website is intuitive and user-friendly and is a favorite among the Arabs.

For more information click on:

83. ManoMano

Now this is another important player in the European markets that retails home improvement products and tools and equipment for landscaping and gardens. You also get bathroom décor and wash basins and everything else that you can get in these categories.

The website:


This website is another German ecommerce marketplace which is very popular. Categories include Electronics, sports and outdoor units, home and living accessories among other things in the list. The company claims to have over 10 million products from sellers across the world. The website also offers photo services which is uncalled for, for an ecommerce website.

For more information click:

85. Rue du Commerce

This is another French ecommerce player with products that specializes in electronics. With over 4 million visitors every month, 7 million products, 1500 merchants and around 2 million orders per year the ecommerce website is massively successful and popular.

To know more visit:

86. Darty

This is a French ecommerce giant dealing with electronics and allied items. With over 22 million monthly visits this is one of the most popular websites that deals in almost all product categories.

For more visit:

87. Trade Me

This ecommerce website is New Zealand’s largest online auction website which allows the customers to buy and sell online. The website stocks thousands of used and new items across a wide range of categories.

The website address: https://www.tra

88. La Redoute

The company is a French fashion retailer that has the reputation of being France’s second largest women apparel seller. The ecommerce retailer specialises in linens and home décor. The company is based out of France but claims to ship to over 100 countries.

For the product categories and range :

89. iPrice

This is a Malaysia based online retailer and aggregator that is known to simplify customer shopping experience and allowing them to browse through product categories and compare the prices. The company also operates in Singapore and has thousands of South-Asian partners and sellers.

For more information log on:

90. Conforama

This is Europe’s second largest player in the home furnishings space with over 200 stores all over Europe and a massive online presence. The ecommerce platform of this company offers country-wise services with specific pages for all the European countries it serves.

To know more log on:

91. Worten

Worten is an European electronics and appliances retailer that is quite popular in Portugal. The website has over 11 million visits on a monthly basis.

The website:

92. Tradera

This is a leading Swedish ecommerce platform that claims to get more than 4 million visits every week. The platform has over 2.5 million members and over 2 million listings with product categories ranging from fashion, interior design, technology and collectibles.

For more information log on:

93. Ricardo

This is a swiss ecommerce company that garners over 10 million monthly visits. It is the leading ecommerce platform in Switzerland with more than 2 million registered members, over 20,000 products sold daily. The platform is very popular and 9 out of 10 people in Switzerland know about this platform.

For more visit:


This is a leading ecommerce platform based out of Netherlands and Belgium that deals in products of categories such as fashion, clothing, home improvements, furniture, etc.

The website:

95. Qoo10

This is a Singapore based ecommerce website that claims to be the world’s largest online marketplace. It provides a powerful online platform that allows buyers to enjoy super secure and hassle free shopping experience. Operates in 7 localized marketplaces across 5 countries. For more log on:

96. Zalora

This is also a Singapore based online shopping platform that is Asia’s leading fashion online marketplace. With operations in 8 countries the company claims to be a one stop online fashion store catering to all type of fashion needs.

The website:

97. Joom

The platform an online marketplace targeting the European countries and Russia. The company claims to have over 250 million web and app-based users. The company claims to have buyers in over 150 countries and ships to almost all of them. The product categories are exhaustive and you can get the complete details on the website:

The website:

98. GAME

This is an UK based company that deals in video games, gaming consoles, latest games and accessories. The company is quite favorite with the gaming buffs and is known to have a sleek and smart online shopping platform for all the gaming needs.

For more log on:

99. notonthehighstreet

Now this is a unique online shopping platform that sells specially curated gifts and gifting ideas. The customers can choose 1000’s of products and do have an option to personalize the products the way they want.

Log on:

100. Folksy

Last on the list but never the least, this is an online marketplace where handmade goods and products are bought and sold. The range is exquisite and amazing and is surely going to amaze you with all the exuberance of the products.

Browse their exciting products on:


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