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If you’ve always wondered what’s the best online marketplace to successfully market your products, this is for you. With the rampant rise in the online aspect, marketing has been one of these. Marketing has always been an important aspect in companies and businesses worldwide, and marketing continues to be one of the significant parts of a business. It has the power to either make or break the entirety of your business. With this being said, now there’s such thing as online marketplace. This is the platform as to where you can effectively market your products. The following is a list of them:


Amazon has never left the list when it comes to best marketplace and the reason for this is that Amazon is the world’s largest Business-To-Company platform where you can effectively market your products. Through Amazon, you can utilize this platform and sell your products all over the world, which makes it the world’s largest and one of the most used platforms. Although, with Amazon, since you’re using their platform this means that they get a portion of your sales. Over 60 Million people visit Amazon on a monthly basis- another reason as to why it classifies as one of the best .


Also a widely known best online marketplace platform, Ebay is a Business-To-Business and Business-To-Company platform, known for selling both new and second-hand products. Ebay is accessible in over 30 countries, which is why it’s also one of the best online marketplace that are being used up until today. Depending on your account type, that’s the amount that you would be charged for selling on Ebay.


Similar to that of both Amazon and Ebay, Drahoo has a similar layout with Ebay and a similar marketplace system with that of Amazon. Also considered as one of the best online marketplace, this platform With Drahoo, you don’t have to worry about added expenses or delayed shipping because that’s the distinct advantage of Drahoo. You don’t have to pay more than what you expected. Unlike both Amazon and Ebay, using Drahoo as a platform to sell is completely free. Drahoo definitely belongs in the list of best online marketplace and this platform is the future of online marketing.


Alibaba is known as the best online marketplace in Asian countries and is under the category of Business-To-Business, Business-To Company and Company-To-Company. ecommerce services. This platform sells in over 190 countries all over the world, which is why it’s also known for its reputation as the best online marketplace in Asia. There may be a cost in selling on Alibaba, however, this varies on whether you’re using a free membership or whether you’re going to apply for a gold membership. To back Alibaba as the best online marketplace, there are over 51 Million individuals who visit Alibaba per month.


Known as the largest and one of the best online marketplace platforms in Japan, this classifies as a Business-To-Business and Business-To-Company service. Rakuten sells all over the world more than 200 Million Japanese products. However, similar to that of other best online marketplace platforms, there are added fees in selling products. There is a known 99 USD quarterly fee with an added 99 cent per item fee and an 8-15% commission.

Hard To Find

Considered as one of the best online marketplace platforms, Hard To Find is an Australia-based platform that features unique and distinct products from gifts to fashion to even home products. These products are from independent artists and manufacturers respectively. This is considered as one of the best online marketplace platforms for the reason that it’s different and it has an edge against other platforms. You’d also be pleased to know that selling on Hard To Find is completely free and there are no added commissions and listing fees.


Known as a unique and one of the best online marketplace, this platform is specifically known for items and vintage products that are made from artists and designers. It’s an artistic and creative best online marketplace platform since it targets customers that are looking for vintage products. In additional, Etsy has over 52 Million monthly visits which backs up why it’s known as one of the best online marketplaces, especially in Australia.

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