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Banner Ads are another phenomenal way of driving solid traffic to your offer. Banner Ads are a great way for complete newbies to test the effectiveness of banners for the offer they are promoting.

So banner ads defined; banner ads are placed in highly trafficked websites that offer readers interesting or useful content.

One of the biggest selling points of Banner ads is the fact that they are pretty inexpensive and you can lock on monthly ad spots at a fairly low price. Banners are great because, if you do your homework and flash your banners by the appropriate audience, you can bring in conversions FAST.


Volume versus Relevance

Your goal here is to earn revenue. Once you have your offer ready to go you need traffic in order to convert to revenue. So you are going to ask yourself, “Where can I get traffic”? You will be inclined to bring in as much traffic as you can but this is where traffic volume versus relevancy comes in Besides the traffic, there are other important aspects to be taken into consideration when choosing a website to advertise on.

For example, if you bring in a ton of traffic from all over the place but that traffic has no interest in the genre of product I am promoting, you aren’t making any money. Worst case is that you are paying for worthless traffic which is losing you money!

Conversely, if traffic is trickling into your offer and you are converting, you aren’t making much revenue; it’s revenue, but it’s not much of it…

Your goal is to bring in a high volume of relevant traffic!

Let’s talk about a real world example of this. If there is a site about health food and your offer is fitness related, then your banner is perfect for the site!

The main idea here is not to throw your banner on any site in hopes that the more sites you place your banner on the more traffic you will generate. The truth is that you may generate a ton of traffic but you won’t convert and conversions are really all that matter; no conversions = no money!; How It Works

The contains different publishers that are categorized based on their particular industries. Some examples of those industries are technology, décor, health, fitness etc. You can find some in-depth information on the various publishers housed on the site. You can also find publishers that are offering very good discounts to advertisers also.

Once you find a good publisher that you are interested in advertising with, you can click on their link. The link will take you to their page which will provide you with traffic statistics as well as cost per banner ad. The information provided will help you make smart decisions when it comes to finding the ad host. If you have or are interested in mobile sites, publishers provide information on that as well.

The only thing doesn’t do for you is provide pre-made banners for you. You need to design your own banners however this gives you a chance to express your creativity.

Maximizing Your Potential

Banner ads allow you to test your campaign with instant traffic. Banner testing and web placement testing can be conducted through Your goal should be to test out your banners and eventually perfect them so you can place those ads on bigger and better sites. Once you find a solid site that works you can go direct to the source and cut out the middle man. Just be sure to track your clicks through your own tracking system. This will make sure you are still driving traffic and that your traffic is converting effectively.

Tips to Succeed With

1. Careful Publisher Selection

Take your time and carefully look through all of the publishers pertinent to your offer. Most people have a tendency to grab the first thing that seems to fit but the truth is that there. You need to ensure that your offer reaches your targeted audience. Cross reference your offer with the information located on the publisher’s site that you are interested in.

2. Budget

Remember, you are paying per ad so you want to take it slow and test out your ads before you invest your entire budget to your campaign. Ideally, you should start with 2 ad placements and test out those ads. Experienced advertisers will testify to the fact that you should select your publisher based on your pre-set budget and your targeted niche.

3. Go Simple with Ads

The most important part of Banner ads marketing is your ads themselves. When you are making your banners, less is more. Pay special attention to the colors you use as well as ensuring you keep clutter to a minimum. Red and pink are great colors to use as they typically convert more. This is where research comes in. Take a look at your publisher’s site and investigate their best selling ads. Be sure you create your own unique banner.

4. “Call to Action” Headline

First impressions are often the most important. You want to captivate your audience and the best way to do that is through your “Call to Action” headline. You want to compel your customer to click on your link. Bold colors and powerful verbiage will often invoke your audience to take a look at your offer. Saying things like “Fast Shipping,” “Free Trial,” and “Limited Time Offer” will push your audience to take action. Below is a link to some good banner examples. The main thing you are going to need to do here, once you have created your banner, is to TEST!!!

How To Create Profitable Headlines in 13 Seconds or Less!!

advertise on
advertise on

5. Ad Placement

The best place for your ad is at the top of the page. However, don’t expect that to be the case for every ad. Keep in mind that people make emotional decisions especially when they shop. Most of the time, if the product or service you are offering makes them feel good or improve their life somehow, they will most likely purchase. Banners located on the side or bottom of a website can sometimes convert higher than those at the top. The only way to confirm the best location for your particular banner is through testing.


Banner ads are a great way to generate traffic to your campaign. Most people forget that there is no use diving headlong into internet marketing by starting a large campaign. When it comes to Banner ads, take it slow and remember to TEST. Testing is vital to your success. If you cut corners you WILL waste a lot of money. By taking it slow you can test the responsiveness of your audience and find out what modifications you need to make to your campaign to spike the responsiveness of your traffic. With some research and a bit of fine tuning… your campaign will reach its maximum money-making potential!




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