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Don’t Fall for Bad Internet Marketing Advice

Business practices change with the times and modern technological advances have paved the way for successful online marketing. Large companies have a working budget that allow them to invest in their campaigns by hiring legitimate Internet marketing professionals to promote their products and services. However, smaller businesses do not have this luxury. What they have access to are online forums and tipsters telling them how to conduct their own online marketing strategies.

There are plenty of excellent sources on the Web when it comes to digital marketing tips and guidelines, but bad pieces of Internet marketing advice are not far from the table. Here are some of the worst pieces of advice that hinder businesses from succeeding online.

Buy email lists and pay for social media followers whenever possible.

To succeed on the Internet, businesses need to focus their attention on targeted markets. Although having a lot of potential email contacts and social media followers may seem convenient, these won’t last as a majority of them may not find value in whatever the business is offering.

The best thing to do would be to grow followers and email lists organically by concentrating on the target audience. It may take some time but the people businesses will attract have the potential of becoming loyal patrons. As much as possible, businesses should also spread the word when it comes to their email or social media handles. The more exposure they can get for their brand, the better.

All images available online are free and clear.

Even without watermarks, images taken by other people are considered as personal property. Using these without the owners’ permission can lead to costly lawsuits and a stained reputation. It is best for businesses to use images that they generate themselves, may it be through professional photography or digital design.

Don’t worry about search engine optimization.

Most people who surf the Web look for information on search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo! These portals work by ranking websites based on keyword density, subject relevance, and page relevance, among other things. These days, search engine rankings have also included social media presence to the mix of assessed qualifications. For as long as search engines exist and are being utilized, SEO will never become obsolete.

When it comes to online marketing, businesses gain an upper hand on the competition with more page traffic. With more people visiting their website and/or social media accounts, they are able to generate more potential awareness, not to mention sales for their products and services. As an added bonus, they also have the ability to reach wider audiences as first-level visitors (information source) share their pages with their respective networks. In this case, companies should optimize their website, blog, and social media pages by publishing relevant content that carry targeted keywords for easy search engine indexing.

You need not worry about mobile marketing.

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have surpassed desktop computers and laptops in terms of usage so it is definitely bad Internet marketing advice for mobile marketing to be ignored. With potential consumers spending hours of their day glued to their devices, it will be a shame for companies to miss out on promoting their products and services here. Businesses should program their websites to be mobile-friendly. If they advertise across social media platforms, they should include the mobile display feature on each campaign.

Automate everything.

Automated posts are fine up to a certain level but it is not good Internet marketing advice to automate everything. Self-publishers are readily available for web pages, social media accounts, and more but these lead businesses to ignore avenues for client engagement. As they continue to schedule everything, they end up indirectly monitoring their online pages. In doing so, they fail to see notifications on messages or comments.

If businesses decide to use automation, they should see to it that there is someone who still monitors the accounts on a daily basis, ensuring that clients are responded to with immediacy.

Push for sales no matter what.

Wanting sales is not bad as businesses are in the game to make money, but pushing customers too hard to achieve targets is bad Internet marketing advice. When it comes to social media posts specifically, followers do not want to be bombarded with sales pitches. Occasional promotions won’t hurt but businesses should see to it that what they share on their feeds are valuable content that serve to help their customers, too. Not everything should be centered on making a quick buck.

Having more posts on social media is always better.

More is not always better, especially when it comes to social media. Regular posts are necessary for business but excessively posting content will drive followers away. Doing so does not lead to brand awareness but simple annoyance.

Instead of overposting, businesses should focus more on the development of an integrated marketing strategy. The strategy should be reflective of their goals and business sales cycle, and should include valuable content that may be self-generated or shared from other sources (for as long as they are not from any direct competitor).


Internet Marketing Advice
Internet Marketing Advice

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