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I’m sure you’re familiar with sites like eBay and Amazon. Drahoo is the next big e-commerce wave of the future. Today in this article I’m going to cover who Drahoo is and why it will soon become the next big internet buzz.

Who Is Drahoo?

Drahoo is an online selling platform that will allow merchants and buyers to essentially conduct business across the globe. While this maybe Drahoo first year in business they are no stranger to how business should be conducted. What makes this a great marketplace is the fact that you as a buyer get a chance to receive world-class customer support. We encourage buyers and sellers to create an account to learn more about our platform.
Although buyers and sellers both love top marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon the reality is many have had poor experiences during or after their buying experience. Many sellers through Amazon constantly face account shutdowns after they have earned thousands of dollars and some Amazon sellers have reported not being able to retrieve their funds. When thousands of top sellers are complaining about account suspensions one must assume the system is failing the people.
This is certainly stressful for sellers and definitely puts a toll on buyers who seek to repurchase from the same sellers. Here at Drahoo our aim is to provide both seller and buyer with an easy to use platform which is reliable and promising.

What Items Can One Sale On Drahoo?

Let’s put it this way you can sell almost anything you would find on Amazon or Ebay. Which means you can sell clothes, shoes, electronics, office supplies, home improvement items, and much more. If you’re unsure if an item can be sold simply contact our support team and we will be in contact with you.

Scam Sellers And Buyers

A good platform works to avoid scam sellers and buyers. Here a Drahoo great customer support means knowing how to tackle situations concerning a seller receiving frequent returns or complaints. The traditional assumption is to assume the seller is at fault but we strive with our sellers to understand your frustrations to better your selling experience.
As a buyer your just as valuable. We want your buying experience to be as easy and as pleasant as possible. We encourage our buyers to report any listings that go against our policies. Returns should be hassle-free and we believe that.
We understand that new sellers are investing their funds to sell on Drahoo. And for this reason, we take complaints seriously. As a new merchant, we are open to new ways in which we can improve our platform.

Buyer Fees

Compared to Amazon and eBay our shoppers pay zero fees. That’s right we don’t take any buyer or seller fees. Drahoo wants to bring buyers and seller together hassle free.

Some Issues Buyers Face Selling On eBay

Buyers are facing some concerns in regards to their eBay selling accounts. One buyer stated he is dealing with an eBay scripting error. Which means when he sells an item instead of eBay listing the item as already sold his item is being listed as available. And when this occurs more sales for that same item are created; however, the seller has to refund the buyers due to lack of product and eBay error.
As a result, sellers who have experienced similar situations lose their good reputation and have to fight to keep their selling accounts open. In these types of scenarios, believe it or not, some sellers have had their accounts closed. What a stressful situation!
Here at Drahoo we understand that we make mistakes it’s apart of the business. If such an error occurs and we know that our lack of updating our site caused your good seller level to go bad we take full responsibility. We will correct your seller level from bad to its original rating.

Doing Good Business Bring About Good Faith

It’s our best intentions to change the market place. And we believe in second chances. If your account has been terminated as a seller with either of the companies listed above, by all means, feel free to set up shop with Drahoo. To learn more about Drahoo please visit It pleases us to see you become a successful seller.

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