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Earning Passive Income with an Authority Blog

This is essentially a twist on the niche site idea I covered in the previous section. However, this is a different business model in that it is more in depth, more involved, and less passive. It can also lead to dramatically more success over time.

In the previous model, I had you focus on a very specific niche within a niche. I recommended that you build a website and write some articles, giving people information and promoting specific products. But this time, you’re going to focus on creating an Authority Blog.



Authority Blog
Authority Blog

Before we go any further, think about the blogs you visit every day. If you’re a parent, then you may visit parenting blogs. If you’re a marketer, then you may visit marketing blogs. If you’re interested in social media, then you probably visit social media blogs. If you’re interested in video games, then you probably visit video game blogs.

Whatever it is, consider what the blogs you visit most often have in common. I’ll venture to guess that they have high quality content that you enjoy reading. They probably also allow for some reader participation in the form of comments, voting, and more. There’s probably somewhat of a community feel there – a lot of other people are regulars at that blog as well. You’ve probably come to really enjoy the work of the blogger, or group of bloggers, on that site. When you want to know what’s happening, you visit their blog first.

That is an authority blog. An authority blog is what people think of when they think of the very top blogs in a particular niche. These blogs have frequent content, a lot of visitors, and are really thought leaders in the niche. These blogs are not something people set up and pay attention to for a little while and then give up on… These are blogs that get some TLC every single day (or close to it).

Authority Blog
Authority Blog

It can be really invigorating to own one of these blogs yourself. It can also be very rewarding because of the income that comes in. You can write a blog post now that can earn for you five years from now, simply because your blog is a constant authority in the niche.

I have to reiterate that if you are thinking that “passive income” means that you never touch the project again, you’re certainly wrong in this case. With an authority blog, you’re going to need to blog consistently. You’re going to need to attend to the needs of your readers, be present on social media and elsewhere on the web, network with readers and other people in the niche, and so on. In many ways, running an authority blog can seem like a full-time job.

But the income that comes from it is passive in the way that something you write or do now could earn for you for years to come. Indeed, you can grow the income from an authority blog to massive levels. But this is not for the faint of heart – it’s something you really have to be dedicated to. For that reason, and more than ever before, you have to love the topic you choose.

If you have a topic in mind, go ahead and investigate the current authority blogs that are present in your niche. Take notes on what you think makes them successful.

Take notes on what you think they do really well and what they don’t do so well. This can help you decide the specific angle you want to take with your own blog, or even if it’s worth doing at all.

These authority blogs can be more general than those little niche websites I was talking about in the previous section. However, they need to be broad enough that you can cover topics day after day without ever running out of things to talk about. Since this is an authority blog, you’ll take a longer-term view of what it means for it  to become successful. A little niche website might become successful much more quickly, but it won’t pay off as much in the long run.

It’s so important that you take a unique angle and that you stand apart from the crowd that is already out there. Choose a catchy name for your blog that you think will resonate with the people of that niche. Set up your blog and make sure you pay attention to its branding so that it, once again, stands out.

Then, I recommend you come up with a content schedule for the next several months. Many people start blogging but then stop because they haven’t planned well enough in advance. Plan out what you going to write, and even consider getting a lot of the writing done up front. You’ll be much more likely to stick with your blog and to see it through to success. You can schedule several blog posts to go out in advance so you don’t have to worry about it every single day. You should, however, attend to reader comments every day.


How are you going to make money? You can monetize with Google AdSense, join affiliate programs, review products, post paid ads on your blog, and more. Really, the sky is the limit with an authority blog. You are going to provide a lot of value to the people of your niche. You are also going to have the opportunity to make a lot of money in a lot of different ways.

Since you are going to host an authority blog, I highly recommend you focus on building your list. You want to include opt in forms on your blog, along with squeeze pages that give something away for free to your audience, so you can build your list at every turn. Once you have a list, you really can choose your own income. You can create your own products to sell, promote affiliate products, and more.

If this business model appeals to you, I urge you to tackle it as you would a new job. It can seem like a job to build up an authority blog. But once you do, it really can earn for you on autopilot. An authority blog can earn you a lot of income and respect and open up a lot of opportunities. For instance, many bloggers go on to write books, take on speaking engagements, offer group and/or one-on-one coaching programs, and more.


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