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Earning Passive Income with Kindle Books


Kindle marketing is a topic that excites a lot of people. I get excited about it because it’s really appealing to be able to self-publish on a powerhouse platform like Amazon. Many people are interested in writing their own fiction books and Amazon is the perfect place to do that. Many others, even people who don’t consider themselves to be writers, are interested in publishing nonfiction books because they know it will be profitable.

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Passive Income
Passive Income

You can definitely earn passive income with Kindle books no matter what you’d like to write, but there are some things you should know first. You have to make sure you choose a topic that’s popular. You might get lucky and choose a topic and will take off like crazy just by chance… But more often you should follow in the footsteps of what has already been successful.

I also want to mention that you can earn passively with Kindle even if you don’t consider yourself to be a writer. You can certainly outsource to a ghostwriter, if needed. You just have to make sure you don’t put up any content that has been used by others, such as PLR content. You must own full rights to the content.

Take a look at the different categories on Kindle that you might be interested in. Are the top books in those categories and subcategories selling well? Typically, a sales ranking of under 20,000 is best. The lower the number on Amazon, the better it is selling. You can find this number on the individual product pages on Amazon. If you see a book without a ranking number, that probably means it hasn’t sold any copies in a while, or ever.


If you think the topic is selling pretty well, go ahead and develop your own ideas for your own book. Create an outline based on what people need and want to know based on that genre, topic, or niche.

Passive Income
Passive Income

After you’ve written your book, you need to format it for Kindle, optimize its title, cover, and description. Again, take a look at what the most popular authors are doing within your genre and make sure you are optimizing in the right way.

Then, you need to make sure you get people to review your book right on Amazon. It’s difficult to get sales on Amazon if you don’t have any reviews on your book. Ask people to give their honest review of your book (it can be friends, family, or whomever, as long as the reviews are honest and not paid for). Also, begin to market your book. If you have a list, mention it to your list. Consider your social media contacts, and so on. You can pay for Facebook ads for a decent price to really jumpstart things.

When you start to get some sales, Amazon’s algorithms will kick in and you can really start to earn some money on autopilot. Of course, the best, most passive income actually comes after you’ve published several books. Each book acts as a funnel to your other books. The more books you have published on Kindle, the better. If you don’t see success right away, keep pushing it, keep optimizing, and keep moving forward.

Kindle can be really fun and you certainly can earn a great income if you take the right steps and really dedicate yourself to the process. It’s all about optimizing, getting reviews, doing what marketing you can, and continuing to publish.


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