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Earning Passive Income From Niche Sites

Niche sites can be a whole lot of fun. A “niche” is simply a topic people are interested in. As a marketer, you’ll want to choose a topic, or niche, that a lot of people are interested in and are willing to spend money on. For instance, you could choose a particular area of golf, gardening, parenting, or even marketing.

Your niche site won’t cover the entirety of the niche you target. You can’t possibly cover every topic that has to do with parenting, can you? But, you can pretty easily create a site that’s dedicated to organic container gardening, or gardening for those who live in an apartment. There are untold numbers of these little niches that have passionate people in them. The competition is lower for these very specific niches.

Earning Passive Income
Earning Passive Income


You’re going to create a niche site around the niche you choose. Before you choose the niche, you’re going to make sure there are enough people interested in it and that people are spending money in it. You’re going to scope out the competition as well– some competition is good, because that means others have determined that the niche is profitable. You don’t want so much competition that your little niche site flounders, of course… but you don’t want it to be a ghost town, either… not if you want to make real money.

After you’ve chosen your niche, you’re going to choose a domain name that makes sense. You want it to be a domain name that is applicable to the niche but that also stands out to people. Would they click on your domain name if they saw it in the search results? It should be interesting enough that they would want to.

Choose a  Earning Passive Incomedomain name
Earning Passive Income

After you’ve chosen your domain name and gotten your website set up, you are going to begin to write interesting articles related to the topic you have chosen. Some of your articles should be informative. You can also choose to review products related to your niche. The cool thing is that your website and the pages on your website can start to rank for search terms related to products and keywords in that niche.

Your goal is for your niche site to become a one-stop place for people of that niche to get all of the latest news, information, and reviews. You want them to come to like you as much as they enjoy your website. You are going to brand yourself as the go-to authority in this mini niche.

Of course, you can’t just build a website and expect that people are going to be able to find it right away. It can take a little while for your niche site to take off and start to get traffic. Ideally, you will quickly start to rank in the search engines for keywords you have chosen. But it’s more likely that the search engines won’t notice your site until you have done a little marketing work for your site upfront.

You should also plan to create a Facebook page, Twitter account, and other social media accounts (like a Pinterest account, if applicable in your niche) to help spread the word about your website. You want to go wherever it is your audience goes online. As you become known in these places, you can link to your niche website so that its audience grows.

 Earning Passive Income
Earning Passive Income

It’s ideal for your niche website to be hosted on a blogging platform so you have more flexibility. Blogging platforms, like WordPress, make it easy for the audience to interact with you and each other, via comments. It also makes it easy for people to share your web pages on Facebook, Twitter, and more.

If you’re confused or uncertain about how to market your website, take a look at what some of the top websites do in your niche. You’ll definitely get some great clues as to how to make your site successful if you take a look at what has made other sites successful.

How are you going to make money? I’ve already mentioned that you can write reviews and put them on your website. These reviews can link to specific products, via your affiliate link. An affiliate link simply tracks your traffic and whether or not they go on to buy. If your traffic goes on to make a purchase, you get a cut of the sale.

Sites like eBay and Amazon host affiliate programs. There are an incredible number of affiliate programs out there – and are two additional examples. Simply search for “your niche affiliate program” and you’re sure to find something.

Then, there is always the old standby of Google AdSense. Google AdSense is an easy way to earn, because you make money every time someone clicks on one of the ads. Still, depending on your strategy and what your website is like, you might make a lot less money with AdSense than you would if you joined an affiliate program, so keep that in mind. Play around with different monetization methods as you become more comfortable developing passive income with your niche website.

Remember that you are not just plugging products on your website. You really want to connect with your audience and provide a lot of value for them. If you do that, the money is sure to follow. Making money with niche websites is a slow and steady wins the race kind of thing. It’s not going to happen overnight.

 Earning Passive Income
Earning Passive Income

However, it is certainly not out of the question for a simple niche website to earn you hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars per month. You have to work at it, become an expert in niche site marketing, and really push through until you are successful. This is a viable business model that has worked as long as I’ve been online, though it is important to pay attention to specifically what works now when it comes to getting noticed by the people of your niche and the search engines.

In fact, one thing that works particularly well at this point in time is video marketing. Since Google owns Youtube, if you have a Youtube video linking back to your site, it will help jump start your traffic quickly. And one easy way to get a video created and uploaded automatically to Youtube is to use Google Hangouts.

Your video(s) could be simply your articles in the form of a few Powerpoint slides, with you narrating the text of the article.

Again, since Google owns both Google Hangouts (obviously) and Youtube, any time you use those services you’re increasing your chances to rank well on the Google search engine.


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