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eBay affiliate program

If you are thinking about earning money as a partner of eBay, you probably know that is a sellers’ website which moves millions of dollars of goods on a daily basis. Earning money through the eBay affiliate program basically involves generating traffic for goods that are on sale on the website and earning commissions for the leads that you generate.

How Does One Become An Affiliate Partner Of eBay?

Becoming an affiliate partner of eBay is a simple four- step process that takes about 30 minutes. In order to earn lots of money, you have to commit to becoming an online influencer for the goods being sold through this platform.

In order to earn hefty sums of cash, you need to first create a website that you can use to generate leads to this platform. With a website at hand, you can then follow the following steps in order to become a registered and earning affiliate partner of eBay.

  1. Register for the partners program

To join the affiliate program, you should first start your registration by visiting Here, you will be asked to sign up and provide details pertaining to your website. You will have to categorize your website to allow the site help you choose goods that you are best suited to promote.

On signing up, you will then receive an e-mail containing instructions on how you can log in to the website. Receiving these details means you are ready to start earning.

Set up your eBay affiliate account

When registering as an affiliate, you are usually asked to choose your home country. After receiving the log in details for the affiliate program, you should log into the website and then check to see whether you have been accepted for the program you have applied for. Further, you should ascertain that the payment structures given are acceptable to you.

Create banners and links to put up on your website

As mentioned earlier, the amount of money that you earn through the affiliate program will depend on the traffic that you generate to eBay.

In order to generate high levels of traffic, you need to have great and attractive banners on your website. To generate these links and banners, you can visit the tools page in your eBay partners account.

The tools tab is usually designed to help affiliate resellers get as much traffic as possible on their websites. To garner as much traffic as possible, create highly creative and relevant banners and links that resonate with your target audience.

Input your payment details and wait for the cash to flow!

As an affiliate partner of eBay, there are two ways that you can get paid. You can either chose to receive your money through PayPal or get a direct deposit to your bank. You need to log in to your account and input the correct payment details failure to which you may not get your money.

Affiliate resellers are paid on a monthly basis as long as they have reached the minimum threshold required to make a withdrawal. Currently, the minimum withdrawal amount is $10.

Top Tips On How To Make Huge Sums Of Cash Through The Affiliate Program

In order to make huge sums of cash through the partners program, you have to generate a high amount of leads from the links and banners on your website.

The best way to make this happen is to first carefully pick your target audience. If your website is famous to a certain segment of the population, advertise and offer links to products that are relevant to the visitors of the website. There is a wide array of goods on sale on eBay and you are unlikely to lack goods that your audience can identify with.

If you offer links to products that visitors to your website find irrelevant, you are highly unlikely to get the traffic that you are seeking to generate. This can lead to very low earnings thorough the affiliate program.

You should also ensure that you use sharing and link generation tools at your disposal from the partners website. The more you share your links and banners, the higher the probability that they will generate the required traffic to eBay.

It is also important to keep in mind that the overall earnings that you earn from commissions as an affiliate partner will depend on the goods that you are promoting through your website. Different goods have varying commission rates. Here is a breakdown of the competitive bonus rates offered to affiliate partners:

Parts and Accessories: For any sales made, affiliates earn 70% of eBay revenue.
Fashion Products: For sales made through generated links, affiliates earn 70% of eBay revenue.
Home and Garden Accessories: Affiliates earn 60% of the total revenue.
Lifestyle Goods: Affiliates earn 60% of the total revenue generated.
Collectibles: Affiliates earn 50% of the revenue earned from sales.
Electronics: Affiliates earn 50 % of the total revenue earned.
Business and Industrial Goods: Affiliates earn 50% of the revenues earned.
Vehicles: Affiliates earn 50% of the revenues earned.
All Other Products: Affiliates earn 50% of the revenues earned.

In order to earn healthy earnings from the affiliate program, you should choose the product mix that you want to promote very carefully. However, do not look at the revenues being earned, rather be guided by the product mix that your target audience will be interested in. You can promote goods that have high commission rates but still earn little money especially if your website visitors are not interested in what you are advertising.

You can also increase your earnings rate by seeking high bonuses. 100% bonuses can be gotten if you are successfully able to refer shoppers who are new to the eBay platform or other shoppers who have not made a purchase on the platform for a period exceeding twelve months.

If you are seeking to become a highly effective and top-earning affiliate partner with eBay, you should also take advantage and make use of the analytics that they regularly send to affiliate re-sellers on the partners website. By diligently going through the analytics, you can understand where the bulk of your earnings are coming from and focus more on offering more relevant advertisements, links and banners.

There is no limit to the amount of money that you can earn by being an affiliate partner of eBay. The tips provided above can help you make hefty sums within a short period of time. The secret is properly using the tools at your disposal and being highly relevant when making advertisements.


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