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Is Facebook Marketing a Boon or Bane?


Marketing on Facebook is an effective way for companies to interact with their target market. Being that Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms today, a steady presence can translate to a higher level of competitiveness. Although there are a number of advantages that come with this type of corporate participation, there are also a handful of disadvantages that businesses should familiarize themselves with.


If companies want to create dialogue between their brands and audiences, then marketing on Facebook can build the bridge for active communication — provided that accounts are handled properly and managed consistently. If a company is armed with the right marketing skills, customer loyalty is something that can be generated, developed, and maintained through the platform.


Facebook posts also allow for the fast yet extensive distribution of valuable information. With everyone gathered in a similar space, information sharing is not only efficient but rather easy, too. From new product launches, company updates, to special events, these can all be promoted online. And with a heightened level of interaction between the two parties, a promotion can quickly be turned into something more entertaining or spectacular for followers.


In any business, customer feedback is king, and marketing on Facebook will provide companies with a place where they can poll audiences’ thoughts, ideas, and responses to products and events for internal development. For as long as the social media team dedicates a significant amount of time and effort in managing the account, they will be able to find tons of relevant and up-to-date information free of charge.


Keep in mind that interactions lead to insights, which then improve one’s returns on investment. Another thing that social media provides is boosted traffic, which further improves ROI. If a business has a dedicated website or online store, its visibility on Facebook can increase brand awareness, thus driving traffic to these pages. Companies can hand out limited offers and the like wherein their Facebook followers can get something special out of it. In the end, everybody wins.


With the wider customer reach and customizable — not to mention multiple in-platform marketing tools like Groups, Ads, and Pages — marketing on Facebook offers businesses the ability to expand their horizons when it comes to social digital marketing. They are provided with a number of tools to improve the results of their marketing campaigns, all of which can easily be accessed under one social media website.


Just a quick rundown on these tools: Groups pertains to the platform’s forum, Ads refers to a paid marketing tool that is demographics-based, and Pages allows businesses to have dedicated fan pages for each of the brands, products, or services under their umbrella. The latter is an effective tool for companies that have diverse offerings, each with its own specific target audience.


Now, even something that boosts online visibility and improves customer relation does have its fair share of limitations. If there are disadvantages that come with marketing on Facebook, here they are.


Facebook is a large social media platform but even if it offers a wider campaign reach, companies might encounter difficulties breaking through such a large audience. In addition, the direct and speedy response function may not always lead to positive comments for negative feedback may also be the bane of your social media existence. If not managed properly, the prevalence of negative comments can be detrimental to one’s professional reputation.


One’s presence in Facebook can help increase awareness for a brand but only if audiences are somehow familiar with it. Any business is only searchable on the platform if the consumer knows it by name. The good thing here is that any random visitor can land on your page. The challenge comes with the fact that it requires a strong and powerful marketing strategy to convince this person to tell others about his or her discovery. Companies that don’t make an effort to build their social media presence will not get the followers that they desire.


Of course there is also the issue of cost. Technically, the service, apart from the ads, is free but it takes a team of social media managers to run accounts effectively. This is where the spending comes from. The cost of maintenance, especially for larger scale brands, continues to skyrocket as digital marketing becomes even more popular.


Industry competition has also risen due to the constant use of marketing on Facebook. With competitors fully aware of what the other players are doing, they can easily duplicate the campaigns or develop better ones, thus increasing the rivalry between products. By simply posing as one of your subscribers or followers, these businesses can get immediate access to marketing efforts meant only for your audience.


So, the question on whether or not marketing on Facebook is a boon or bane can only be answered by companies that have actually experienced using the platform for business purposes.


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marketing on Facebook
marketing on Facebook

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