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Finding Good Long Tail Keywords For ClickBank Offers

If doing your keyword search, there are basically, 2 sorts of keywords that you are able to target. These are short tail keywords and long tail keywords. You may call them blanket keywords or narrow keywords too, but generally you’ll only discover the terms “keyword” or “long tail keyword”. These 2 words are what I’ll utilize throughout this section, merely for clarity.

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Long Tail Keywords
Long Tail Keywords

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The Research

Centering on long tail keywords may be a really effective technique, as you’ll be targeting less competitory niche markets as opposed to a lot of the highly competitory broad keywords. Something that a lot of pros know and comprehend well, is to utilize long tail keywords that specifically target likely buyers that are late in the purchasing cycle.

You’ll commonly discover long tail keywords to be between 3 and 6 words long, but may easily be longer. Let me provide a little illustration of how they work. Say you’ve a site that’s devoted to photographs, that’s a really broad keyword, and one that would be hard to rank for. Not stating it’s impossible, simply that it would take time and work.

The term “photographs” would be a great example of a market but not a niche. There are millions of results that Google extracted. A lot of the sites have a page rank of 5 and 6. Essentially we have to dive in further to discover niches and sub-niches that aren’t as competitory.

To perfect a specific niche, we may try the keyword “outside photographs.” Now we’re getting warmer as results are lower, with some page rank 5 sites as well as a few lower sites. But this keyword is all the same, more competitory than we may like.

“Outside Alaska wildlife photographs” shows still lower broad match results. This is a better result as we narrowed our focus to a sub-niche. This is merely for demonstration intentions, as this keyword doesn’t get any searches. My aim is simply to provide you an illustration of what a long tail keyword is.

This sort of keyword won’t bestow you as much traffic, but if you discover enough long tail keywords, they may in reality prove themselves really well. You’ll commonly draw in more targeted traffic and they’re much easier to rank for than the short tail keywords.

Product critique sites are a really great example of sites that rank well for a lot of different long tail keywords. Even if the site owner doesn’t recognize it, he or she will begin ranking for particular product names over time. The reason for this is commonly because the page title will include the product model and description as opposed to just broad words for the product.

A word of care however, when arranging keyword research. If you stumble on an awesome keyword that gets a great amount of searches and isn’t too competitory, make certain it isn’t a keyword with a trademarked company name in it. This may lead to all sorts of headaches that you would be much better off fending off in the first place.

The company may basically send you a cease and desist letter, as well as making you fork over the domain to them. If you’ve spent a great amount of time working at your site and adding quality material, it could all fail. Better to avoid this.

Most frequently, marketers utilize long tail keywords in an attempt to corner a smaller than medium market, but still one that holds great potential. A different reason to utilize long tail keywords is that they may be less expensive when using PPC bidding like Google AdWords. Fewer individuals tend to place bids on these keywords, therefore keeping the price from going too high.



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