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Free Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing

Why Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves selling products using digital marketing. A website owner or online blogger (also called the publisher) posts a seller’s or advertiser’s product on his own site. The publisher earns a fixed amount of cash or a percentage of the sale when a viewer, reader, or online shopper gets interested, and buys the merchandise.

The merchant, advertiser, or seller confirms the sale with the use of a link with a code used exclusively by the publisher.    

Free Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing
Free Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing

Merchants, advertisers, or sellers prefer affiliate marketing because they spend less on business expenses by paying advertising costs only for products that are sold. Website owners or bloggers love to do affiliate marketing because they earn passive income selling products that are relevant to their site’s theme or topic.   

What Is Web Traffic?

Web traffic is the size of data received by the website or blog generated by the visitors who are browsing or visiting the site. These “visits” include comments, the number of visitors, or the amount of “likes” received.

There are two types of traffic:

– Cold Traffic in which viewers or browsers have little or no idea what the site has to offer or what is it about. A large part of the traffic comes from these browsers, and making them stay and interested determines the first-time publisher’s success in earning cash.

– Warm Traffic is made up of subscribers, regular online shoppers, or reviewers who are familiar with the site and what it can offer.

Things to Consider Before Using Free Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing

First-time and regular online publishers face the challenge of gathering enough interest in their blogs or websites. The following are suggestions on things to do in order to attract more free traffic sources for affiliate marketing.

  •  The Site Visitor

Know the type of audience who may be interested in the site. Advertising women’s shoes will not be effective in a male viewer dominated website such as ESPN.

  • Target Choices

To target is to promote one’s product to a specific section of the audience. Some target options include:

– Age

– Gender

– Hobbies

– Type of electronic or digital gadgets used

To know the qualities of one’s target customer is to increase the chance of making a profit.

  • Source Rules and Regulations

One must be aware that some traffic sources have stricter rules and regulation on advertising of products. These sites set limits on what you can promote.

  • Volume of Traffic

Choose traffic sources that are often viewed by a large number of online users. Examples of these sites are Facebook, YouTube, etc.

  • Source Quality

You must be careful in choosing unfamiliar or not so popular traffic sources that might be frauds. Bots, instead of humans, may control the sites. The codes provided by malicious merchants to publishers may also be fakes.

What Are The Free Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing?

1. Forums

A forum is a good source to drive traffic on your website. All you have to do is use a search engine like Google and look for forums that discuss your theme or niche, then sign up to register.

One way to quickly attract interested audiences is to offer valuable content and leave a link at the end of the discussion. Posting should be done once a day to encourage and increase website traffic volume.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Blogging by SEO is still the top traffic driver but would require a blogger’s patience and decent writing ability. This is because it would take some time before the traffic and profits come in. For starters, you should know how to do keyword research, write interesting and relevant content, and always post new articles. Fortunately, online training on blogging and SEO work are offered all over the web.

Aside from being patient, you should have the ability to post great content, commit to a regular blogging schedule, and do constant research in order to encourage website traffic to your site.

3. Question and Answer (Q&A) Websites

Another great free traffic source is a Q&A website where people post questions that you may answer to help. If the answer is helpful, this would encourage Q&A viewers to visit your blog site. The more you answer questions, the more you get to be credible. This, in turn will help increase your blog readers.

Quora is one good Q&A website where you can register and start website traffic.

4. YouTube

YouTube is a great site to initiate viewer traffic. But, it only comes second to SEO/blogging because many people are not good in making videos. Fortunately, there are lots of tutorials on YouTube that show easy-to-make presentations using techniques such as animation, whiteboard, and PowerPoint slide videos.

Converting your written blog into video content, then uploading the material on YouTube is one way to initiate viewer traffic.

5. Instagram         

Instagram, as the fastest growing social media network, is one of the free traffic sources for affiliate marketing to try. Unfortunately, the website does not allow sharing of links, and the only link that you can share is in your bio. Encouraging viewers to click on your link is the only way to start traffic and you can grow followers by:

– Liking and posting comments on people’s pictures that use hashtags in in your theme or niche

– Following readers who follow the posts of your competitors

– Adding hashtags and posting attractive pictures that relate to your niche

Last Words

There are other free traffic sources on the Internet, but the use of an SEO website is best for bloggers who are just starting their website.

It is best to be skilled using one source before using another.


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