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Freelancing with Fiverr and Some Pro Tips in Opening Additional Freelancer Accounts

In the past, people who wish to earn additional income online can only find short-term gigs from just a few online job marketplaces like and Since then, the growth in demand for freelancers has become unstoppable. This encouraged several companies to compete with these websites. Today, you can make money on Fiverr and other similar websites, even if you do not have a solid experience in working as a freelancer. As long as you have basic computer skills, can deliver quality work on time, and agree on the terms of payment set by the website and your client, finding someone to pay for your services should not be that difficult.


Benefits in Disguise

While some experienced freelancers frown upon the current commission terms set by Fiverr, the amount of clients buying gigs in a wide-range of categories through the website can at least guarantee that you will make money on Fiverr for as long as you want. At the moment, each gig you sell earns you a maximum of $5 less their commission of 20%. Earning $4 per gig is indeed below average. But it should not be as disappointing if you just look at the bigger picture. Fiverr’s payment rate is not as competitive, which could easily turn away experienced freelance job seekers. This means you would have less people competing with each other just to close a deal with a buyer. This also means you will have more potential buyers looking into purchasing your gigs.


Quick and Easy Money

To quickly make money on Fiverr, create gigs that will make use of your skills you. For example, instead of offering to create a website for a client using Javascript, PHP, CSS and HTML just because you think it is what’s currently in demand, offer an easy gig that would still pay you $5 for coming up with a catchy name and a highly-engaging motto for a buyer’s website. This should be fair enough considering the amount of effort you would be exerting for the gig.  If you have a regular job, one easy gig per day could earn you an additional monthly income that can pay for your groceries or cable TV service.


Pros of Selling Gigs at Fiverr as a Beginner

If this is your first time as a freelancer, you should try to make money on Fiverr first before moving on to other high-paying online job marketplaces. Fiverr not only allows you to offer gigs that use your skills, it also gives you the freedom to sell what you can do for clients. This is more advantageous than the other way around where clients offer a job that doesn’t fit with your skills. Choosing what you can offer in the form of gigs may even hone your current capabilities at your own pace.




After Gaining Experience

As soon as you have sold enough gigs, you can sign up for other websites that pay for the same type of gigs you’ve completed for Fiverr buyers. Apart from Elance and Freelancer, you can open an account for Fiverup, GigBucks, SEOClerks, Roundshelf, Dollar3, Tenrr, among others. The good thing about being a freelancer is you can sign up for as many marketplaces as you want. As long as you can commit to your buyers/employers and deliver quality output for clients from these websites, it should not be wrong to still sell and make money on Fiverr.


Before you complete any signup, remember to consider the following factors:


  • Price range

If you have a wider price-range for selling and buying a gig, it would be easier to earn more money based on the skill level used on a specialized gig. If you have an advanced knowledge in web design, you can charge the ongoing market rate instead of just earning a fixed income for it.


  • Delivery options

Some online marketplaces allow instant or express delivery of completed gigs. This allows a faster way of earning income.


  • Withdrawal limitations

Check how much income you can withdraw right away. You would want a website that would allow you to withdraw even the smallest amount of earnings, especially during emergencies.


  • Social media presence

If the online marketplace uses more than one social media platform to promote its services, it shouldn’t be difficult attracting buyers into their website and then into your gigs.


Finding a legitimate online marketplace has never been easier, but succeeding as a freelancer all boils down to choosing the right platform to offer your gigs. Just remember that it is not always the website that offers the highest selling price range. Sometimes, it is the one that will improve your skills and help you compete with experienced freelancers.

Check out this video that shows you my earnings on Fiverr!


make money on fiverr
make money on fiverr



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