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Gauging The Advertising Demand For A Cickbank Keyword

In a previous chapter I discussed the importance of distinguishing and targeting search keywords that are not excessively competitive, but bear potential to bring in enough searches to construct a money making web site around.

The Competition

We will now go step by step through the process of discovering these “Cash words.”

It is recommended to discover keywords bringing in an excess of 500 searches on a monthly basis. At the same time you want to have less than 10,000 competing pages for that specific keyword.  The greater the search volume on a monthly basis and the fewer the competitors, the more profitable the keyword.

You are able to punch any keyword you choose in and immediately determine whether it’s poor, fair, good, excellent, or a money maker.  Let’s discuss a real life example of how to apply this, so that you are able to implement it to your own niche.

To start out, you will want to type the general niche subject into Google’s External Keyword Tool.

For instance, if you type the term “Flowers” into Google’s external keyword tool, you will receive hundreds of results. These results are the terms related to flowers others are in reality searching with as they are searching for information.

You will discover three different settings you should use for your beginning keyword research: Spell out the niche topic into the search area.

Adjust your Match Type to “phrase.” Do not give an excessive amount of detail, this yields more precise data to base your keyword research on. Some individuals use the precise term, and that is an outstanding piece of advice for PPC advertising. But for info on organic search results, I would rather use the phrase match. (The “precise” match is excessively restrictive).

Utilize the advanced filter to get rid of any keywords or keyword phrases that acquire less than 500 worldwide searches on a monthly basis from the results.

We’re utilizing the United States as the locale. Utilizing another nation, even if you reside in that nation, isn’t going to provide you with the entire possible audience, since you are marketing to individuals all around the world.

However, the amount of contending pages for that specific term is over 6 million – which signifies over 6 million other individuals are competing for it.

How exactly did I find the amount of competing pages?

Go to Google’s home site and type the term inside quotes.  It is crucial that you use the quotes because they ensure that you acquire the correct phrase match search results well as the proper amount of competing pages. Among the terms that arose in our example above was “Flower Drawings,” which obtains over 6 thousand worldwide searches on a monthly basis.

Once we placed this phrase into Google’s search engine within quotes, the number of possible competing pages is over 12 thousand.  Realize where this is going?

We have discovered a Cash word!

This is an example of an excellent keyword phrase to construct a page on your web site about. You may choose to have pencil drawings, or possibly post an article on drawing methods to produce the best flower drawings. This type of web page or article has great potential to be ranked at the top of the organic search results in as little as days or weeks, and can direct continuous traffic to your website.

Discovering a dozen or so of these types of Cash word keywords will weld your website, articles, and material at the top of Google’s organic search results and direct numerous visitors to your website each and every month.

You unquestionably want to hold on to all the good keywords, but do not toss out all those “Fair” keywords quite yet. They may be of value in discovering additional Cash words.

First, however, I would like to tell you that very few individuals are going to commit the time to do manual research for keywords in this fashion.

This implies that if you are willing to take the time to do your due diligence, you are going to be far ahead of the game when it concerns competing for search engine rankings.


Advertising Demand For A Cickbank Keyword
Advertising Demand For A Cickbank Keyword


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