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Get Free Traffic With Guest Blogging

This is another great source of free traffic. Again it involves writing an article about your niche and submitting it, but this time you will be submitting it to related sites in your niche.

The reason why these work well is because these sites already have traffic going to them, and once you get your article in front of this traffic, they will be directed to your site as well. You get free, targeted traffic hitting your squeeze page from an authority site in your niche.

To get started with this strategy, you have to find the actual websites where you will be submitting guest posts. To do this you want to head to Google and do a search for your niche/keywords with qualifiers, like these:

“Add Articles” ”Add Content” “Submit Article” ”Submit Post” “Add Guest Post” ”Bloggers Wanted” “Guest Bloggers Wanted” “Guest Post” “Guest Posts Roundup” “Guest Blogging Spot” “Write for Us” ”Submit a Guest Post” “Submit Guest Post” ”Become a Guest Blogger” “Submit a Guest Article” ”Guest Post Guidelines” “Guest Bloggers Wanted” ”Submit an Article” “Group Writing Project” “Want to Write for” “Blogs that Accept Guest Posts” “Blogs that Accept Guest Blogging” “Blogs that Accept Guest Bloggers” “Blogs Accepting Guest Posts” “Become a Contributor” ”Contribute” “Submit Design News” ”Submit News” “Community News” ”Submit Tutorial” “Submit Blog Post” ”Suggest a Post” “Suggest a Guest Post” “Become an Author” “Contribute to our Site” ”Become a Contributor” “Become a Guest Writer” ”Places I Guest Posted” “My Guest Posts” ”Publish Your News” “Submission Guidelines” ”Guest post by” “This guest post was written” ”Guest Contributor” “This guest post is from” “This is a guest article” “Now Accepting Guest Posts” inurl:guest-posts “The following guest post” inurl:write-for-us inurl:guest-post-guidelines inurl:profiles/blog/new

So in Google you would search: Niche/keywords +”qualifier”

Visit the different sites you come up with and see what type of posts they currently have on their site, and what the popular themes are. Generally if you stick to writing on topics that are popular/hot on those websites, you are a good chance to have your article included on the site.

Make sure your article is 100% unique and there are no grammatical errors. Also follow  their guidelines about the type of articles they want (length as well) and where you can place your links. Some allow you to have a resource box at the end, while others only allow links within the article.

Either way, work some links in back to your site so you can get the visitors into your sales funnel.

 Guest Blogging Traffic
Guest Blogging Traffic

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