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How To Get Traffic To Your CPA Offer

get traffic to cpa offer

There are many traffic sources we could use to monetize our content lockers; traffic sources like Facebook, ppc, ppv, youtube, email, twitter etc. Among these traffic sources, the one I like the most and focus most of my marketing effort on is Facebook. Why, you ask? It‟s because Facebook is huge; Facebook is the second most visited website in the whole world after Google. Remarkably you can even get started for free.  Virtually everybody on the planet earth today uses Facebook, so the potential is huge. Therefore instead of merely chatting up friends and playing games on Facebook let‟s leverage Facebook intelligently to earn some income online.

Though I have tested other traffic sources, none has performed better than Facebook. To avoid information overload let‟s just focus on one traffic source and perfect it. So on to Facebook we go!


It’s Engaging

It allows you to ask your friends and visitors to complete a survey to access your file or link.

  • Best Way to Earn

Content Locking is the number one way to earn from Facebook traffic.

  • Easy to Promote

Using tips and tricks found online, you’ll find it easy to earn from Facebook Traffic.

 get traffic to cpa offer
Get Traffic To Cpa Offer



Share Links with Your Friends

The first way is very simple and we suggest that you update your status with a CPA link to one of your FB pages. You would want to describe the page so that people on your list that see the post know what is on there.

Some people got Facebook account with thousands of friends, so instead of just posting easy accessible contents, lock them up so that they (your friends) will have to interact with some offers before gaining access, and you will make money. One thing I love about this method is that these people are your friends already so they trust you and can easily respond to your posts.

Facebook Pages

This method calls for you to create a fan page for your content, whatever it is. As you attract more people to like your page and become fans, you‟ll have access to engaging them whenever you wish. This keeps everything separate from your personal profile and allows you to concentrate your efforts on building up a fan page by posting user friendly content.

Many people find it very easy to accumulate tens of thousands of fans in a very short period of time. Think of all the potential revenue that may bring you!

The indisputable fact now is that people with huge fan bases are making a killing using Facebook. Never think that marketers who spend good marketing budgets to build more FB likes and fans are stupid, those guys are building a lifetime assets that can be triggered at any time to bring in cold hard cash.

Our Goal While Building a Facebook Page

Build a niche page for every offer we promote

Strategies to getting more likes or fans to our page

Occasionally, post about your page to a related Facebook pages. For instance, if you have your McDonalds pages created already, you can easily accumulate more likes by posting on similar McDonald pages with many Facebook likes.

Get Traffic To Cpa Offer
Get Traffic To Cpa Offer

Using Fiverr.Com to Get More Likes

Not everybody knows this, but you can easily gather a thousand targeted likes by paying somebody 5 dollars on Fiverr. Fiverr is an outstanding marketing tool for online marketers, so I highly recommend you to make use of it as the prices are very cheap for what you get.

NB: Search for sellers that sell “more Facebook likes” based on high rating or recommendation by Fiverr, and of course customer’s reviews / testimonials / feedbacks.

Posting On Facebook Group

Please do not misuse this method, target only niche groups related to your offer. Doing so will help you see results and the admins will be much more likely to approve your posts, otherwise people or group members will see your post as spam and you won‟t convert.

For instance, you would want to post your content link url for McDonalds on a Facebook group related to McDonalds groups, or coupons or freebies groups, but not music groups, or pets groups.

Get Traffic To Cpa Offer
Get Traffic To Cpa Offer


When posting a status update, you should always consider uploading an image. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Regardless of what type of file locker or link locker you are trying to promote, the chances are that there is a good image that you can use to help your promotion. If it‟s a video, you should consider posting a photo that previews the video. If it‟s an album, you can post album art cover. The chances of grabbing someone‟s attention increase exponentially when you use an image and it also instills confidence that you have something of high quality. Beyond that, it also stands out more in someone’s timeline if that is where they are seeing in your message. Of course, do your best to provide a high quality image as well since it is a representation of your promotion.

Again, don‟t deceive people in the group, if you promise an interesting offer or url please make sure you deliver once they have completed the ads otherwise your click through rate and earning will decrease when next you post.

Boost Your Facebook Page

Finally, once you have the basics down, I highly recommend looking into the new Facebook advertising method called Boost post, yes you can boost every post on Facebook to enable you reach more targeted audience.


Get Traffic To Cpa Offer
Get Traffic To Cpa Offer

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