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Getting Approved into MaxBounty

In this step I’m going to show you how you can be approved into nearly any CPA Network out there.

So… how is this going to work?

CPA Networks are always choosy about who they accept, they only want people that take action and know what they’re doing. All that you need to do is show them that you know your shit, basically.

How to get accepted into any CPA Network within 5 Days

Getting Approved into MaxBounty
Getting Approved into MaxBounty

I know this doesn’t sound easy or simple, but it actually is.

Okay, what I want you to do is to apply for anyone of these networks: MaxBounty – This is the CPA Network that we’re going to use in this guide. PeerFly – Another awesome CPA Network, you can follow along with this as well. GlobalWideMedia (former Neverblue) – Same as above.

In any CPA Network that you want to apply for, they’re going to ask you a few questions.

In this example, we are going to apply for MaxBounty, and I’ll show you HOW TO ANSWER all their questions to get approved as soon as possible, because we want to get started right away, right? Okay, let’s do this!

This is the link for signing up for MaxBounty if you want to be my ref:  Sign Up for MaxBounty!

If you like, you can also sing up


Okay, when you follow any of the links above, after filling your personal information you’ll be prompted with a few questions, DO EXACTLY THIS, and you’ll be golden:

How did you hear about MaxBounty?:  Here you can just simply say from the Warrior Forum or this WSO, up to you, but I strongly suggest that you mention any of those because the WF is a great place for being referred from. Although this question won’t stop you in any way of getting approved.

How would you describe your experience level?: Select whichever is your case, remember, always be honest. Although I would suggest the second option in the dropdown if you’re just starting out, if you have more experience, that’s awesome!

Describe your past experience in affiliate marketing: I have some experience running clickbank offers as well as other affiliate offers, I think I will be a great addition in any CPA Network.

How do you currently promote offers?: CPV/PPV Traffic, PPC, Search PPC, and contextual.

What offer(s) are you looking for?: This is what niche are you interested in, you can just say “I’m mostly interested in the health niche, but I also have a taste for the loan niche as well” Or you could say “I’m interested in health and loan offers”

Your website URL: This is the URL for your blog if you have, this isn’t important though, you can still get approved without a website. But it’s best if you have any kind of website.

Is this account for incentive traffic?:  NOPE.

Okay, those are all the questions that MaxBounty will ask you, if you did exactly what I’ve showed you, you’ll be approved right away, but you can also get approved RIGHT NOW, if you want to.

How exactly, will you ask?

MaxBounty WILL call you for a quick interview, don’t be discouraged or scared, it’s really quick, your Affiliate Manager will simply ask you more of the same questions, so you can just wait for his/her call and get approved, or you can pick up your phone right now, call your AM and get approved right away.

I will highly recommend that you do this, because it will speak good about you and you’ll be approved right away without any inconveniences.

That was it for signing up for MaxBounty! but I said I was going to teach you how to get approved in ANY CPA Network.

Guess what? All of the questions that they’re going to ask you are the same, you just need to copy and paste them, or just learn the answers, some networks won’t even call you for an interview, so that will be super easy.

OKAY! You just got approved into MaxBounty, the so called #1 CPA Network of the world, excited yet? You should be!

Now it’s time for choosing the offer that you want to promote.

Getting Approved into MaxBounty
Getting Approved into MaxBounty

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