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How To Create A Profitable Bing PPC Campaign – With Small Budget

The difference between a winning campaign and a losing campaign can be a click of a few buttons.

Having the right settings will undoubtedly give you the very edge you need to fight against a player with a larger budget.

I have turned around losing campaigns from XXX/day to X,XXX/day just by making a few changes to the setting just by sticking to the following steps below.

 Bing PPC Campaign With Small Budget

Ad Setting

Ad Setting

On a side note, do also remember to keep your chosen keywords in your ad title and ad body.

It helps to attract more eyeballs to your ads by bolding the keywords as follows.



This is a common place where people screwed up their quality score badly.

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT attempt to place all the keywords you have found earlier in the same ad copy.



tips on losing weight for women

tips on losing weight for men

In this example, you have 2 similar keywords, yet one is for men and another is for women.

Place both keywords in the same ad copy will adversely affect your campaign.

Therefore I repeat, exercise great discretion when placing similar keywords together in the same ad copy.


I always go for phrase for a balance of volume and budget.

Broad has more volume but you will encountered a lot of bad keywords eating in your budget.

Exact is one of the safest options to go for since you are only bidding that keyword but it has the least volume among all.

For bidding, you have the option of the following as defined by Bing.

Best position: The first position in the mainline location. Mainline ads appear just above the organic search results in the center column of the page.

Mainline: Any position in the mainline location.

First page: Any position on the first page, including the mainline or sidebar locations.

Ad Group Bid: Bid define for all the keywords in the ad group.

Personally, I always go for Best Position or Ad Group Bid, depending which bid is higher.

Many people have the misconception that bidding for 5.00 for a keyword means Bing will charge you the same amount for it.

In reality, the amount is set is just a ceiling that tells Bing how much you are willing to pay.

The exact amount you really pay per click for each keyword is determined by how much your competitor is willing to pay and how good your quality score is.

Bing Optimization [NEW]

Over the past few months, I have witness the change in Bing and how it has change the landscape of advertising in Bing.

Make sure you have the right geographical location under “Setting”


Decrease smartphones bid to target desktop/tablet only.


Choose Bing and Yahoo! Search Only to get relevant audience from Bing and Yahoo search engine directly.


If you are wondering why some ads get more clicks while some ads don’t get any click, here is your answer.


Why isn’t my campaign running?

So you have set up campaign. But you discovered clicks are not coming in as fast as you expected or you are running a lot of impression with no clicks at all.

Before you click for support, please make sure you have done the following.

– You have set up and verified fund payment for your campaign

– There is sufficient fund for your campaign

– You do not have negative keywords that affects your keywords in your campaign

– You are bidding higher than your competitor

– You have a quality score of 7 and higher

– You have allowed the campaign to run immediately

– Your landing page or offer does not have pop up

– Your landing page or offer have sufficient content (not just a video page)

– None of your keywords are pending editorial reviews

If you have checklist all the above and still can’t diagnosis the issue, you can either call or live chat the support for help at the following address. support

Phew. I would like to personally thank you for reaching this far. Do not be afraid to ask questions if required. I am always a email away. You just need to put the work, invest in testing your campaigns, and scale up to get there.

And speaking of investing…

If you want to know more in details about Bing PPC and how you can have best results you can go here


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