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How To Make Your Offer REALLY Irresistible


Very few ads are truly irresistible. Not that promoting an irresistible offer is hard. It’s not. But few advertisers know what bait to use to attract large volumes of response. This step will show you how to make offers that compel prospects to respond.

It’s all in the offer you propose, silly!

Like an attractive women bombarded with propositions, your prospects are bombarded with marketing propositions all the time.

And because your prospects are hit on so much, they’ve been conditioned to expect the moon and stars. And not only do they want discounts, deals, premiums, free gifts, and prizes…

They feel “entitled” to them.

That pretty much sums up the NE W MARKETING REALITY.

And if you’re not prepared to give the “entitled prospect” what they want, your competitors on the internet, TV, radio, or in magazines, direct mail, or Yellow Pages, will.

Remember, in the last step I told you the first sale is to sell the prospect on giving you their time and attention.  This is your most important sale.

Marketers call it “making the sale before the sale.”

You will be able to gently persuade your prospects to lower their guard and give you their time and attention with irresistible offers like:

“Free  teeth  cleaning  while  schedule  openings  last” “Free Low Fat Yogurt Dish  Topped with  Fresh Fruit”

“Free  Storage for 2  months  and we pick up  and deliver free too”

“Free Report:  6  Steps  to  Immediately  Stop Foreclosure, Save  Your House and  Your  Credit”

The dictionary says the word “irresistible” means “that which cannot be successfully resisted or opposed; overpowering.”

Do the offers above fit this description?

Here’s the point: The offer is the sole purpose for your ad. So spend the  majority of your time coming up with an irresistible offer. The rest of the ad will follow.

The question is, “What offers do ‘busy’ and ‘distracted’ prospects find the most attractive and irresistible?” Ready?…

The 3 most “irresistible” offers

Irresistible offers, those most capable of grabbing the prospect’s attention, are:

  • Desirable now
  • Easy to understand
  • Easy to obtain
  • Benefit laden
  • Free or easily affordable

Below are the 3 types of offers prospects find most exciting, interesting, and appealing. There is the “free” offer, followed by the “self-liquidating leads” offer, followed by the “discount and premium” offer. Each includes some samples so you can see how you might apply them to your ads.

1. The “free” offer

The word “free ” is an eyeball magnet. Everyone wants to get something for nothing.

The point of offering your prospect something for free is to generate a lot of leads. Leads that can—with good follow-up marketing—turn into sales.

The “free offer” is effective because it can quickly open up a relationship with customers you didn’t have before. It puts you on their map.

No, not all of those leads will turn into a sale, but a lot of them will — certainly enough new leads to make this well worth doing.

Don’ t blow this off just because your products are expensive. I’ m not saying to give away a car, boat, furniture, or a house—although I’v e seen developers give away cars, boats, and furniture as premiums and sell a lot of houses and condos as a result.

What I am saying is you can give something of value to attract prospects to your dealership, marina, store, or office.

How To Make Your Offer REALLY Irresistible

Here’s a list of proven offers that you can borrow or adapt:



  • A free sample of the product
  • A free sampling of the service
  • A free checkup
  • A free membership for 60 days
  • A free audit
  • A free catalog
  • A free analysis
  • A free report
  • A free first lesson
  • A free consultation
  • Free information
  • A free video or CD or DVD
  • A free e-book
  • A free booklet
  • A free dinner
  • A free lunch
  • A free newsletter for 3 months
  • A free room cleaning
  • A free cookie
  • Free eggs, butter, or milk
  • First month free
  • Free 30 day trial
  • Free case studies
  • If you’ve got a problem with the word “FREE” (and yes, some businesses do) then use any of the following alternatives:
    • Complimentary dinner
    • Complimentary e-book
    • Complimentary 1-hour consultation
    • Complimentary survey results
    • Complimentary
    • Complimentary seminar
    • Complimentary DVD Report sent overnight to you
    • Dinner is on us
    • I’ll pay for dinner
    • Let me pay for dinner
    • Let us pay for dinner
    • Be our guest for.. .
    • You’re invited to be our guest and receive .
    • No cost to you
    • You pay nothing
    • Your cost? Absolutely nothing .
    • Pay nothing as our guest
    • I invite you to sample        at no cost to you

 2. The “self-liquidating” offer

Some of the most qualified leads come from “self-liquidating” offers because the prospect “invests” a small sum of money to receive something they value or want.

True, you won’t attract as many leads as the “free” offer attracts, but these prospects are more likely to buy products or services quickly because they are qualified.

Because these prospects are “hot” leads, it’s vital that the materials and products you send have strong sales presentations that “close” the deal.

You’re wasting a lead, time and money if you only send a product sample and neglect to send sales materials that intice the prospect to buy.

Another benefit of this type of lead is you get some money from prospects who pay for the products or materials you send. Another benefit is each lead has a lower cost per sale because you send out fewer “marketing” pieces.

Consider the self-liquidating offer for:

  • A special report
  • A sample kit
  • An e-book
  • A DVD
  • Sample of an Audio cassette program
  • A sample of the product
  • A sample of the service to be performed
  • A teleseminar
  • A special workshop
  • A course
  • An e-Course
  • A tour
  • A subscription
  • Tickets
  • Wine tastingThe following “self-liquadating lead was created by Steve Wexler. LIke a “Trojan Horse” the prospect receives a “free ” video of a great sales presentation!

How To Make Your Offer REALLY Irresistible

3. The “discount with a premium” offer

There are endless ways you can offer a discount with a special premium gift to add incentive to respond.  Since these offers are becoming more popular, you want to be sure your offer is truly special and not a copy of a competitor’s offer.

If you use these offers, be sure you don’t confuse people. Most people understand an offer that says “50% Off, ” yet many have trouble computing what “60% Off ” really means. And if your prospect isn’t exactly sure what the percentage off means, they won’ t respond. The point is to make offers that are easy to understand and to explain them too.

How To Make Your Offer REALLY Irresistible


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