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The Most Important Step To Any Niche In SEO

I figured that you already know this, but now is a good time as any to reinforce the following mission-critical detail:

SEO is based entirely on uncompetitive keywords.

Keyword research is by FAR the most important step in building successful niche websites.

If you find a keyword that is easy enough to rank for, you wonʼt need to build as many links to your site – and you will be much more likely to rank at the top of Google.

The #1 mistake most beginners make is to think that backlinks are the most important part of SEO.

This is a common misconception due to the fact that backlinks are the most popular subject surrounding SEO.

But in reality, link building is a far second to the most important step. And that is of course… keyword research.

Proper keyword research can essentially guarantee your success and rankings. With excellent keyword research, you can even get away with not building a single backlink!


So before you start with building backlinks, itʼs crucial to have a good keyword in mind. This will cut out a majority of the work for you.

The reason why keyword research is so important here is because competitive keywords such as “how to lose weight” or “make money online” are dominated by top companies that can afford a $10-20k per month SEO budget.

Unless you have a large budget, avoid the competition and tackle long tail keywords that no one else is targeting.

There is so much money to be made with “untapped” keywords that you donʼt even have to deal with the competition.

So make sure you understand keyword research, then use this guide to easily rank any low to moderate keywords.



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