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Internet Marketing Options; Google AdSense or Cost Per Action


If you own a blog then you must have heard about the Google AdSense and the cost per click action. These are two options are different in their execution but similar in their results. You should therefore take time to understand which option to go fore. 

It is however critical for you to know which is which before you can choose either of them. Google AdSense works by matching the text and display of ads to your website based on the content and visitors.  It is more of contextual ads program.  Cost per action this is involves advertising model where the advertiser pays for each action that has been done on the site whether it is a click or comment.

Google AdSense provides you with the power to regulate the outcome.  With the contextual ads, you will only be expected to place the code on the on the content that you have created. The code will determine automatically the content on your website. So Google AdSense is better for you if you have a website with a wide variety of content. If you don’t have the time to choose the advertisement for your site then the Google AdSense is the perfect for you. Even though you are only required to post the code on your content, you may opt to choose the type of color.  That is, you need to blend the ads with the theme of the website. You can also opt to change the size of the text.

It does not cost anything to use Google AdSense. If used properly, you can get a profit from running your website. You need to be able to create quality content that people will want read because that is the only way that they can take action on your ads.

If your website is focused on a specific niche, it means tags the reader is will be looking for the same content in every article you have.  It can be very hard for you to have the profit if you are using the AdSense this is because the customers may not open read the content as the know what to expect. In such a scenario, the cost per action is the right option for you.  CPA means that you will earn revenue for each and every action that is taken by the customer after ethereal click.

CPA basically works better if you have the referral program where the user will refer the site to another person for them to buy the products from the site.

You need to note that CPA is more challenging than the contextual ad. This is because the ads tend to use the email submits. You can also benefits from the cost per action when you download the software.

Google AdSense is a Google powered program and thus it is very hard for the process to disappear. CPA on the other than is regulated by the different companies and this means that they can disappear overnight.


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Google AdSense or Cost Per Action
Google AdSense or Cost Per Action

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