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Internet Marketing Tips for Dummies

The invention of technology has brought convenience. People can now communicate easily with a click of a mouse or a touch of a button. The expansion of coverage has not only kept people intact, but also aided the expansion of businesses unknowingly. Companies can now thrive without spending a lot on advertisement, thanks to the internet and social media. What does it take to master the art of ecommerce? This article will provide you useful advice on how to take advantage of internet marketing.

Why Practice Internet Marketing?

  • Practicality


Using the internet to advertise products or services is a low-cost method, which can reach more audience in comparison to traditional mediums like television, radio or printed material. Internet marketing allows companies to save on unnecessary promotional expenses, leaving more budget for essential aspects of the trade, such as product development and research.


  • Sustainability


Virtual marketing is easier to manage and monitor than traditional marketing methods that require sometime to produce results. Millions of people are online on a daily basis, allowing the brand to target more customers and attain real-time feedback.


  • Flexibility


There are many options to choose from when it comes to internet marketing. Although some business owners actually study internet trends, oftentimes, online promotion is a no-brainer. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram have contributed much in online branding as a mere posting on these sites can create hype for potential clients.




  • Accessibility


The mobility of the internet has allowed people to do their shopping on the go. Customers are more inclined to perform online tasks because it is more accessible and convenient. This virtual feature enables businesses to reach out to their clients at any particular time frame.

What to Consider for Internet Marketing?

If you are convinced to try online advertising for your business, here are some interesting internet marketing tips that you have to consider:


  • Determine your target market.


Although the idea is a branding cliché’, this basic concept should also be applied online. A business cannot simply use a “shotgun” method in advertising. Knowing the audience will allow the marketer to create the appropriate approach and utilize the most effective media.


  • Use the appropriate medium.


The internet is vast and searching for something unspecific can be exhausting on the part of the client. Focusing on particular social media for a purpose minimizes waste of effort. For instance, if you are selling highly visual products like food, jewelry, cosmetics, clothes and accessories, posting photos on Instagram and Pinterest will be beneficial as regular online shoppers frequent these sites.


Job postings should be done on Facebook as the wide person to person network maximizes audience scope. Creating brand hype will be easier on Twitter as the environment is perfect for subtle marketing.


  • Determine your objectives.


Focusing on specific goals keeps marketing on track. What is the purpose of your strategy? Is it to develop awareness? Is it to enlarge your scope? Is it to attract attention? Monitoring these will facilitate better task execution.

  • Create a budget and stick to it.


Like in any business, there should be funds for branding. However, internet marketing is great because it works even if you have a small budget. Depending on free advertising has its limitations so only spend for outlets that will bring revenue.


  • Make your brand unique.


If you want to stand out amongst millions of online sellers, make sure that your offer is more appealing than the rest. If you have competition, give freebies or discounts to up your edge.


  • Participate in Social Media.


Create accounts for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube and be active on them. Never underestimate the power of constant communication. Buyers often favor online businesses that are visible and provide good customer service by answering their queries. Be updated on the latest online trends, issues or conversations, but don’t be annoyingly obvious.


  • Optimize search engines.


Ensure online visibility by properly handling your SEO or investing on a good team to manage it for your business. Utilize keywords, backlinks and headlines to lead potential clients to you.


  • Create a blog.


A blog is a great venue if you want to practice subtle advertising. Having a blog is advantageous as it can influence readers to patronize your business without the need for aggressive promotions. It gives the owner freedom of style without sacrificing his objectives. Guest blogging is also advisable as it increases links and referrals.

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  • Follow the mobile trend.


Your company website should be accessible through mobile as 90% of potential customers use their phones to access the internet.


  • Use e-mail notification.


Despite many customer complaints about e-mail spamming, the impact of e-mail reminders and articles is still huge. Limit the sending of e-mail to several times a week and ask permission from the client if possible to maintain good relations.


  • Use Pay-per-click Advertisement


Small-time or Location specific businesses need to draw more attention and paying for Pay-per click marketing is an effective way to do so. Google AdWords is a good start, but be sure to minimize irrelevant clicks.


  • Organize Webinars.


Interactive webinars can generate big leads as long as it is attractive enough. The most efficient webinars contain lots of information, lively platforms and user-friendly interface.


  • Be searchable through maps.


Some people prefer physical stores and look for them in Google or Apple Maps. Always update your contact number, store hours and feedback page. Also, indicate landmarks for customer convenience. Claim your Google+ and local listing so you pop up on local searches.


  • Never use unfamiliar abbreviations.


It is easy to get caught up in today’s internet language, but using unknown or newly invented abbreviations may mislead clients, instead of directing them to you.

The world of virtual advertising can be overwhelming for a beginner, but following these internet marketing tips will certainly help you succeed.

internet marketing tips
internet marketing tips

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