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How To Create a Landing Page that Sells

Landing page is one of the most underused tools in the affiliate world. Great landers have proven to pump up those pathetic EPC (Earnings Per Click) that most affiliates shunned from.

Creating a lander doesn’t always have to turn out harder than it needs to be.

In this article, I will show you how to get amazing landers for free.

First, google “free wordpress theme for niche”.

For the sake of this case study, I will use “free wordpress theme for weight loss”.

And I will get the following page after selecting a result on Google.

Landing Page that Sells

Download it and setup the wordpress theme.

For instructions on setting up the wordpress theme, I would recommend Youtube where there are a lot of great wordpress setup videos just for your reference.

For articles, you have the option of asking the vendor for some free copies(highly recommended) or go to Fiverr to get a cheap article written for 5 bucks.

In the previous version, I mention the use of lead pages for the lander but it comes with a cost of a monthly commitment whether you use it or not.

In this hack, I am going to introduce a very common cms where you do not even have to pay for hosting, a terrible commitment especially if you are just starting out.

Landing Page that Sells

Blogger by Google

Blogger was bought over by Google on 2003. Ever since, user are allow to post content on their blog without having to pay for a hosting service.

Landing Page that Sells
Landing Page that Sells

Over this section, you can choose a template to create your landing page for your niche.

However, what if you want a customized and more powerful design for your blog but you are not willing to go for hosting plan?

Fear not, you have Fiverr who can do it for 5 buck, which is definitely cheaper than a month of most hosting plan.

lansaLanding Page that Sells

However, using a blogspot theme should only be a temporary measure until you have makes some sales from your blog.

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