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Landing Page Vs Direct Linking

This is common question that you see everywhere in the warrior forum.

-Should I use a landing page?

-What’s best, LP or DL ?

-Is DL really dead?

Let me answer those questions for you.

Should I use a landing page?

Yes, you should use a landing page whenever you can, you can make some really simple LP’s if you’re a newbie and see some good results.

As you get more experienced you would want to make a combination of squeeze+landingpage, but we’re not gonna cover that here.

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 Landing Page Vs Direct Linking
Landing Page Vs Direct Linking

What’s best, LP or DL?

From my experience, landing pages always work best, but there are some exceptions, what type of offer are you promoting? Is the traffic well targeted?

If you have the most amazing landing page ever created in human history, but your traffic is not well targeted, you’ll get nowhere.

Is DirectLinking really dead?

An absolute…NO.

You can make a HUGE amount of money by just direct linking your offers if you do your keyword and url research right, but of course, it all depends of the offer.

If you’re first starting out, It’s OK if you do direct linking, but as you get more experienced and you are serious about this business you really have to start making some good landing pages.

What are we going to do right now? Are we gonna use a landing page or are we going to direct link?

In the next articles, I’m going to teach you directlinking first, and how you can track and optimize your campaigns.

So Stay Tuned and verify this blog after news everyday.

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