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Learn to Write a Top Converting VSL Script For ClickBank

Your VSL script is the most important thing in the whole process. It doesn’t matter how expensive your mic is, how much you pay an animator or even how good your product is. If your VSL script sucks, you’re screwed.


So, how do you write a good VSL script?

But don’t worry – I’m not gonna leave you hanging. In fact, even after going through Jon’s course, I still had to go through an intensive training process before I got any good at writing VSLs.

 Video Sales Letters
Video Sales Letters

After teaching myself to write VSLs, I distilled my learning process into an easily replicable home training program. Follow this program to the letter and you’ll quickly and almost unconsciously install the skills you need in your brain.

Here’s how to get good at writing VSLs quickly:

1)   Sort all the Clickbank products by gravity using CB Engine. For convenience,  this link will take you straight to a sorted version of all of Clickbank’s products.

2)   Using Camtasia, Screenflow, Cam Studio or any other screen capture software, screencast 10 to 15 top VSLs. If it’s whiteboard animation, there’s a good bet that it’s a consistent converter. Beware of products in the online marketing space that suddenly rocket launch to the top; as chances are they’ll quickly fall right back down (they’re manipulating gravity.)

3)   Load these VSLs on your iPhone or Android phone. If you have trouble with loading the videos, just load the MP3 of the recording. You’re paying attention to the script, so the video is more or less irrelevant.

4)   Watch or listen to those top converting VSLs at least 5 times each. That’s right – by the time you’re done with this process, you’ll have listened to top converting VSLs at least fifty times.

Each time you watch it, you’ll pick out a little more nuance. You’ll notice words that you didn’t notice before. You’ll notice subliminal sales strategies. You’ll see the flow better. You’ll start to get yourself into the head of the copywriter. You’ll start to see why they wrote things a certain way.

These are things you can’t pick out the first or second time you watch a video, because you’re actually paying attention to the content. Once you hear it once or twice, you can focus on really getting into the copywriter and the customer’s head. Deconstruct the psychology in the VSL. Figure out why it works.

Pay special attention to:

  • What emotions are you feeling as you watch this VSL?


  • How do they open the VSL? Why is it so attention catching? What psychological hook points do they hit in the first 10 seconds?


  • Who are they talking to? What would someone in their target audience be thinking as they watch this video?


  • How are they building trust? How are they saying “I understand you?”


  • What pain point are they addressing? How do they intensify the pain?


  • Why did they choose the specific words they’re using?


  • What visual imagery are they using? (From a top VSL: “Literally have customers tripping over themselves in a desperate attempt to hire you” – what a powerful visual image!)
  • What stories are they telling? When are they telling them? Why do you think the stories were in that order? What do you feel when you hear those stories?


  • Notice pace-pace-lead patterns. That’s when they say several things customers

agree with, then make an assertion that they want the customer to say yes to.

(Example, 20 minutes into a language course video: “If you’re watching this far, you probably already know what language you want to learn and can feel how much you want this now.” They pace by getting the customer to mentally agree that they know what language they want to learn, then assert that they customer wants the buy the course.)


  • Notice open loops. That’s when they open a train of thought, then say they’ll fill it in later.

(Example: “By the end of this video, you’ll learn to make any woman irresistibly attracted to you just by saying this one thing at the right time. But before we get to that, let me ask you a question …” The customer has to keep watching to get the tip later.)


  • How are they demonstrating credibility?


  • How are they addressing objections?


  • What tips do they offer in the video? (Most VSLs offer tips and content in the video itself to demonstrate credibility and keep viewers engaged.)


  • How are they making themselves human? How do they make it seem like “I wasn’t always a millionaire; I used to be just like you?”

(Note: If customers don’t think you’re just like them, they’ll put you on a pedestal, think they can’t achieve the same results as you and decide not to buy.)


•           How are they presenting the offer? How do they make the price seem like a steal? How do they make it seem like they’re getting a lot for very little

  • How do they close the sale? How do they create urgency and make them buy now?

5)   Go on eLance and have the top VSLs transcribed. The going rate is about $8 per transcribed hour. In other words, you can get a VSL transcribed for about $4. Once you have the scripts, study them. Read each script 3-5 times. Highlight phrases that jump out at you. It’ll be the best $40 you ever spend. A far better investment than spending the money on a copywriting course.

6)   Break down each top converting script into their parts. For example, it might be something like:


  • Hook


  • Engaging question


  • Start an open loop (you’ll learn X by the end of the video)


  • Demonstrate credibility and social proof


  • Tell “before” story


  • Explain the solution


  • Tell “after” story


  • Build more value in the solution, get them excited


  • Give 3 tips they can apply now


  • Present the offer


  • Hard close

Learning to break down other people’s VSLs into their parts will make it easier for you to see patterns of success. Then when you’re building your own VSL, you’ll know exactly what building blocks to use and what order to use them in.

Writing VSLs is very different than writing text salesletters. Even if you’re already great at normal text salesletters, you still have to learn the specific structures that make a video salesletter work.

Learning to write strong VSLs is perhaps the most valuable skill on the internet right now. Imagine coming into an industry with a sales funnel that converts 3 times higher than anyone else. How long do you think it’ll take before you’re making money hand over fist?

Not long at all.


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