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Make Money Online and Change Your Life


Internet not just bridges gaps and helps businesses in reaching wider audience, it also helps individuals make money through a variety of options. While a lot of links offer get rich quick scams, there are also several legitimate links that promise to give money in exchange of the services you do for them.

This is ideal for people who want to get a part-time job apart from their day jobs or those who want a full-time home-based work. If you are really interested in making money online, there are three things you have to consider: first is a stable Internet connection, next is the time and effort you want to give to it and lastly, a mindset of earning money for doing something you’re interested in.

Before you know the different options on how earn money online, here are some tips that you need to consider for you to get that online job:

  • Don’t take it as a joke. Online jobs may require you to work while wearing just your underwear but it doesn’t mean that they are not “serious jobs”. Treat it in such a way that you are serving a client and you got the job in spite of other applicants also vying for the position. Take note that the competition for online jobs is higher than your local community.
  • Show professionalism. When submitting a resume, avoid typing letters in ALL CAPS. This shows that you are incompetent and not taking the online job application seriously. Don’t forget to create a resume with proper grammar and in complete sentences. This will make for a good impression from your potential clients.
  • Don’t tell them all. When submitting writing samples, photography portfolios or work links, let them get your idea but don’t make them think a lot. And when discussing about your work experiences, refrain from telling them life stories.
  • Make sure to double check. When sending resumes, emails or application letters to a company, make sure to double check for grammar lapses, wordings, spell checks, and formats. Most of all, pay attention if the company name is typed correctly.



Here are the following options on how earn money online:


  1. Websites that Pay. Who would have thought that websites also pay you for doing something for them? Yes, there are websites that allow people to answer surveys, click links, do shopping, and test certain products. While these websites will not turn you into a millionaire, they are still ideal for additional money-making hobbies. Some examples of websites that pay include:
  • Swagbucks – this allows you to earn extra cash through taking surveys or using the search engine.
  • User Testing – this website lets you receive $10 for just testing websites in 20 minutes. The purpose is to see the actual user’s experience and know if these websites are also user-friendly.
  • IZEA – it works like a blog and you will get paid through blogging, tweeting or posting photos and videos. The paid amount usually depends on the number of following so it’s essential to build lots of following and blog traffic.
  1. Freelance writing. This is one of the most common ways to earn money online. Usually, freelance writers earn at least $.50 per word while most experienced ones earn more than that.

In order to earn higher in freelance writing, you must build your resume and portfolio. For passionate writers, this job is essential in sharpening their saw and at the same time, climb their way up to earning some more. Some examples of companies that offer freelance writing jobs include:

  • iWriter – every accepted post for iWriter can earn you up to $15. It may seem small but the company is less strict than the others. iWriter also allows writers to pick their preferred topics.
  • Textbroker – as 5-star writers, you can get at least $.05 per word from Textbroker. Application starts by submitting a sample article and you’ll automatically become a 3-star writer. By consistently writing more complex and rich contents, you can be promoted with 5 stars.
  • Listverse – the submitted articles for Listverse must contain not lower than 1,500 words and should be written as lists. More than that, you have to be creative in writing stuff about certain 10 things.
  1. Selling stuff. Online shopping and auctions have become the trend for the past years. If you wanted to set-up an online store but don’t know where to start, the following tips should have to be considered:
  • Getting a PayPal account – this is where the payments should come in. The online business is not limited to local clients but international as well. That’s why PayPal accounts are essential for all payment transactions.
  • Taking good pictures – some websites don’t require posting of pictures to sell items, but it is essential to provide supporting photos to let the customers see the actual condition of the products. Apart from having a good quality camera and smartphone, it is also recommended to have a photo-editing software that can make the photos look more professional.


Here are some websites on where to sell your stuff:

  • Amazon – this website allows the seller to post an item, packs the item on seller’s behalf, ships the item to the buyer, and sends the payment to the seller after getting a percentage from the total amount.
  • Facebook – who says that social media platforms won’t earn you money? Facebook lets you create a business page where you can post your products so that interested customers from your likers and followers can purchase them. Don’t forget to take a good picture and include a brief description about the item and you’re good to go!

Blogging. This can earn you money primarily through ads. However, keep in mind that you have to be patient, persistent, and disciplined when maintaining a blog site. This means that you have to write regularly for your audience and interact with them while providing interesting contents. Once you already established your brand, money will start to pour in. If you want to utilize your blog for money-making purposes, you can opt for subscription. If you are fond of writing newsletters or online magazines for your readers, you can offer subscription services depending on a certain period (either weekly or monthly).


Now, if you’re interested to any of the above-mentioned options, don’t be afraid to try them out and learn more about them. For all you know, you might get full-time income as you go along. And that’s how earn money online is taking place.


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