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How to Make Money Online Creating Your Niche Websites

For every person who owns a blog or likes to write and post content online, making money is not an impossibility. There are different ways to earn online, but being able to make money with niche websites is at the top of the list.

Over the past few years, there have been numerous changes in this field, thanks to Google’s constant algorithm updates. The search engine giant has taken steps to ensure that no site containing subpar content ever ranks on top of the SERPs (search engine results page).

Now, the focus has become quality instead of quantity. It is still possible to rank with niche sites, but only if you provide rich and unique content.

How to Make Money with Niche Websites

Before creating your website, know that there are various kinds of niche sites. The two most popular are Adsense niche websites and affiliate niche sites.

In an Adsense niche site, you create content based on a specific keyword. You keep posting content relevant to it, and you earn through Adsense revenue. In an affiliate site, you basically promote different products from affiliate programs (Clickbank, Amazon, ClickSure, etc). Here, you earn commission by directing users from your site to the vendor’s site.

#1: Choosing a niche

For both types of niche sites, the first step you must take is to choose a niche. How do you pick a keyword? Luckily, there are many online tools (paid and free) today that help generate the highest-ranking keywords for you. Use these tools to find keywords that a lot of people search for (and preferably, don’t have a lot of competition yet). Go for keywords that have at least 1,000 searches per month.

If you don’t find a keyword you like, an alternative is to think of a new product altogether. It can be tricky to get it to get traffic at first, but at least you know that you won’t have competition. This can help you rank easily.

#2: Securing a domain name

Once you’ve chosen a product (or keyword), secure a domain. Get a domain name that has the keyword in it, but avoid using an “exact-match domain” because you can get penalized for this. For instance, if your keyword is best carpet cleaners, don’t choose The new EMD update from Google imposes penalties for this type of action.

#3: Finding a web host and website theme

There are several web hosting services available online, most with pretty affordable packages. Some of the more popular ones are HostGator and BlueHost. Sign up with one with the best features that suit your preferences. You can also get themes from hosts, but if you want to get more choices, you can also find some from outside vendors (such as Theme Junkie and Elegant Themes). The more customized your theme is, the better. Be sure to pick one that is relevant to your niche.

#4: Creating content

If you already have a stack of articles on hand, don’t post them all at once. You can post one to two times a week. If you have even just 10 articles on your site, you can already get ranked. Once you feel that your site is doing well SEO-wise, feel free to post at regular intervals to maintain your audience’s attention.

#5: Creating backlinks

To get on top of the SERPs, you need to get more traffic. Link building is crucial to achieve this. However, steer clear of building any spammy links — remember Google’s quality-over-quantity update. Instead, create organically rich content, and manually create your backlinks. This way, you know exactly where your backlinks come from. Only link to sites, forums, or blogs that are relevant to your niche. Create relationships with other bloggers to have a win-win case by linking to each other occasionally.

In just about a month, you can see your sales (affiliate niche) or ad revenue (Adsense niche) come in. You’ll earn more revenue over time if you keep up your efforts. With the right work attitude, research, and perseverance, you can prove that it is totally possible to make money with niche websites.

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