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Make Money Online with Facebook the Legit Way


Are you thinking of making money online but don’t know where to start, or maybe feeling a little anxious because you don’t want to make mistakes by running into scams? The good news is that there are still legitimate ways to make money online, especially with Facebook. If you are looking for an opportunity to earn money online and are curious about how that can be done, or maybe you are a marketer and are looking for ways to build your business a lot quicker and more efficient, then you can turn to lead generation and affiliate marketing. These are two real ways to make money online with Facebook.


  1. Lead Generation


The Basics

Create a Facebook Fan Page that brands you. A fan page should clearly outline who you are and what you do or sell. Share your life story and you will then attract people who are like you.


Post your stories that show who you are or if you’re going to interesting places. Post pictures of yourself, your family, your friends, your experiences, things you enjoy, and interesting things that happened to you so people will get to know the real you.


Be yourself so you can build relationships, make new friends, and influence other people. Your goal is to attract people who are like you — people who share your likes, your values, and your aspirations. People join and buy from other people who they know, like, and trust.



Your Daily Activities

Post about 3 to 5 times daily and, during this process, engage with your friends and new friends that you are going to contact on Facebook. Connect with 5 to 10 new people daily and have real conversations with them. You have to “Like” the pages in related groups and communicate with people in those groups. Participate in discussions. Also, “Like” and comment on other people’s posts in those groups and of course on your own page. Break this activity into short sessions a day — you don’t want to be spending all your time on Facebook.



Once you’ve made some contact, you can then start building relationships by engaging people from groups that are related to your business. Engage them in conversations and find out about their needs and wants. Don’t make a sales pitch. Avoid pitching on the very first contact because nobody likes that. You won’t form a good relationship when you’re doing that.


Add them as friends (on Facebook) and send a private message to each one of them. When they respond, engage in conversations with them and try to get permission to make contact through phone or Skype. Find out what their needs are to determine whether or not what you offer can be a benefit to them and then provide solutions.


  1. Affiliate Marketing


This is another great way to make money online with Facebook. One example of an affiliate marketing platform is ClickBank. ClickBank sells digital products online. Vendors on ClickBank are people that create sales pages, sales videos, and offers of the products to make a sale. The affiliate marketers are people whose main focus is to send targeted traffic to those offers. When one of those targeted traffic actually buys a certain product from the offer, the affiliate marketer gets a percentage of the commission and he will then pay the vendor.


To incorporate Facebook here is to send people that are interested in these offers — for example, a cookbook. All the marketer has to do is to get people from Facebook that are interested in cooking, love cookbooks, want more information about cookbooks, and send these people to the cookbook offer.


Scams are all over the Internet, especially on Facebook. To avoid these scams is to stop thinking of getting rich overnight. You have to put in a lot of effort and time to eventually succeed. Lead generation and affiliate marketing are no exception — but they are real ways to make money online with Facebook.


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