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Marketing With Ezines

Ezines are basically email lists of people who are interested in a specific topic. The people on these lists have subscribed to these email lists to receive information and offers about that topic.

There are two marketing strategies you can use with ezines:

– Buying advertising

– Submitting articles

 Marketing With Ezines
Marketing With Ezines

Not all ezines will do this, but a lot of them allow you to submit articles to them to be included in their newsletter. So in your article you will talk about something related to your website (and related to the email list) with a link back to your site.

This is a great way to get free traffic, but can take a bit of time as not all your articles will be accepted for publication, and even if they are they might take a few weeks to be published.

The other option is to buy advertising within the emails. Two of the best advertising options are solo ads and sponsored ads. Solo ads are standalone emails that are sent to the email list with nothing but your email in it. So it’s like an email ad for your site that’s sent to the list.

Sponsored ads are ads run in their newsletter, and can be placed at the top, middle or bottom of the content.

Solo ads are generally more expensive, but they do work well. With these paid options you need to be able to test your email copy and squeeze page to make sure it converts.

If you’re interested in advertising in ezines, either with articles or buying advertising, contact the owners of the ezine first to see if they are currently accepting articles or advertisers. If you want to submit articles, just write up a unique article following their guidelines and email it to them.

If you want to buy advertising, ask them how many people they currently have on their list and when they have availability for the ad space you want to buy. Nobody can guarantee you any results when it comes to advertising, so it’s always a good idea to start small and scale up from there. You will need to test and tweak your ads and squeeze page to improve the conversion rates, but once you’ve found a level you are happy with you can just continue buying advertising.

Here are two great resources that list some of the better ezines for you to promote your niche funnels in:

– The Ezine Directory

– The Directory Of Ezines

The Ezine Directory is free, but the Directory of Ezines is a paid service.

If you’re in the IM niche checkout this resource:

– Reed Floren’s Solo Ad Directory

Start going through and researching the ezines in your niche and think about how you are going to promote your funnels using ezines.

Ezine advertising, solo ads in particular, have been a great source of traffic for me and continue to be one of my main sources of traffic.

But remember you don’t have to pay for advertising straight away if you don’t want to; you can always submit articles to be included in the ezines and get some great traffic from that as well.

 Marketing With Ezines
Marketing With Ezines

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