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What Is PPV Advertising and Where You Can Buy

What is PPV?

PPV stands for “Pay Per View” but this type of traffic is also called CPV (“Cost Per View”), “pop up” traffic and contextual.

With this type of traffic you’re paying per impression, ie: when your ad shows up in a new window, hence, pop-up, you won’t be paying for clicks like PPC traffic, and is a lot cheaper.

You can bid on URL’s and Keywords, I personally suggest bidding on URL’s as they are more targeted than keywords, for example, if you are running a car insurance offer, you would want to target sites that are related to cars, buying cars, car insurances, etc and then your ad will pop up when a user visits that site that you just targeted, sounds easy right? Well, it is!

 ppv traffic
ppv traffic

Where to buy PPV Traffic

There are some awesome sites from which you can buy ppv traffic from, the main three are: TrafficVance, LeadImpact and 50OnRed, for this article we will be covering 50OnRed, as it haves the lowest initial deposit of all of the above, and the traffic quality is really good. Stay close because it will be updated in the future with a lot of tricks and strategies.

What offers to promote through PPV

You can promote a variety of products/services through PPV but you have to make sure the CPA Network you’re using accepts this type of traffic.

Most CPA Networks do allow this type of traffic, so that won’t be a problem at all. When looking for an offer to run in your CPA Network, you have to make sure that this types of traffic are accepted:




Each network calls this type of traffic something different. You can promote any type of offers that accepts this type of traffic, so let’s get to it!



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