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PPV Marketing , Generate Hundreds Of Leads Per Day

Another way to generate hundreds of leads per day is through something called Pay Per View or Cost Per View advertising.

There are people who do 1,000 leads a day with this. But let’s start slow and not get carried away because it’s also possible to blow a lot of money here too.

So you can go to a site like and you can buy cost per view or pay per view advertising.

It’s a little different from other types of advertising in that you’re paying per view of your page, you’re not paying per click on an ad.

It’s actually more like a pop up, so you’re paying for these ads to pop up on people’s sites, and it’s run through software, so it’s different than someone, say going to Google and seeing pay per click ads.

You can advertise on any URL on the internet as long as the user has the software installed on their computer.

So this allows you to bid on different URL’s online. Now can’t you see how this could be popular and profitable?

Because you could bid on your competitor’s URL’s.

You could bid on so many different URL’s it’s not even funny. You could bid on PPC URL’s even.

So for people who are spending gobs and gobs of money on PPC, you can take those URL’s that they’re using for their landing pages, plug it into lead impact and then be bidding for ad space for those URL’s through the software.

One place to learn more about PPV and CPV is


PPV Marketing
PPV Marketing

It can be a nice little lead flow generator that’s different from the other lead flow sources you might be generating leads from right now.

What you need to know about also is you can generate tons and tons of traffic for a lot less money, but the traffic won’t be as responsive because they didn’t click thru to your ad. Because they didn’t click through to your ad it’s kind of like an annoying pop up that comes in their face but it’s all legal and they know they’re getting pop ups in exchange for using the software that they’re using. It’s an agreement they made before downloading the software that they’re using on their computer. Say a company, like, let’s say they say, “You can use this software, which has huge value in exchange for being able to run an ad on your computer 5 times per day.” So instead of charging for the software each month, they get the software for free, but they have to see ads and this is where your ads can get in front of their face. You can get in front of millions of people for .017 cents each time your ad is shown; that’s a fraction of a penny.

But like I said, with other forms of advertising you may get a high opt-in rate on your squeeze page such as 10% and on some ad sources, 10% is very good. On some ad sources, 10% is horrible.

On some ad sources, like solo ads, for example 30% is very good, depending on whether they actually send your solo ad or not because 60% may be considered good on there, as well.

But with PPV advertising, we’re talking 1-2% could be good, just depending on how much money you’re spending, how much money you’re making up front and how much money you’re making on the backend.

But because you can get traffic so cheap, it doesn’t mean that the traffic is created equal to other advertising sources.

Because they haven’t clicked through any targeted advertising, the traffic responsiveness will be lower as far as opting into your squeeze page goes.

The point is… all that matters is your ROI, not your opt-in rate… because your opt-in rate is always going to be different depending on where your traffic is coming from.

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