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The Pros and Cons of ClickBank


ClickBank is one of the biggest affiliate networks in the world today, with almost 2,000,000 affiliate marketers and roughly $2 billion in annual payouts. With over 45,000 products to choose from, this network seems to be a great option for affiliate marketers in more than 200 countries where it is permitted to do business.

However, with the continuously tightening competition among affiliate networks and vendors, one cannot be too safe to ask about the pros and cons of registering with the network. How good or bad can choosing ClickBank be?


  1. Stability

Clickbank has been an affiliate network even before affiliate marketing became a popular term among entrepreneurs. For almost two decades, this popular online marketplace has been pioneering affiliate marketing systems and structures to give the best deals to its vendors.

  1. On-time payment

It has gotten the commitment of millions of affiliate marketers around the globe, so you can imagine how well it keeps its integrity intact all these years.

  1. Wide product range

You can choose from almost 50,000 digital products across more than a dozen niches. New products are also added to the list every day, so you are guaranteed to have a new product to feature regularly. You will also not run out of options since the current number of items in its list is enough to fill your web content for the next 120 years!

  1. Freedom in selecting products

Many digital marketers, bloggers included, continue to shift from ad networks to affiliate networks. This is because ad networks do not give their members much option in selecting the products or ads to display. On the contrary, affiliate networks such as ClickBank give their members free rein in choosing what they want to feature in their websites. This allows members to carefully control every bit of information coming from their websites, which enables them to safeguard their reputation according to their long-term business and marketing plans.

  1. Incredibly simple setup

All an affiliate marketer has to do is register his website, choose a product, and start promoting. Signing up can be done in a few minutes and by the end of the day, you can already gain a successful conversion. This is definitely a great choice for affiliate marketing newbies.

  1. Higher commission rates

Commission rates differ according to vendor (product owner), but many vendors allow you to earn as much as 75% in commission. That is way higher than what other popular affiliate networks offer. For example, many digital products in Amazon Affiliate only offer a 3% commission rate, while 25% for electronic products and gadgets is already considered “generous” if you will take a look at its range.

  1. Low payment threshold

The average payment threshold of affiliate networks is anywhere from $50 to $100. With ClickBank though, you can already have a payout for just $10. Members can also be paid using domestic and international payment options without any hassle.

  1. Weekly and bi-weekly payment schedule

Most affiliate networks take at least a month to pay their affiliate marketers. With ClickBank, you can choose a weekly payment schedule, which is truly convenient if you have a high payout and you are in need of quick money.


  1. Basic interface

Many traditional affiliate marketers actually prefer a basic interface because it is easier to use. However, having a basic interface also means receiving incomplete reports that cannot be narrowed down and sorted further for future online marketing research use.

  1. Difficulty in choosing a product

Choosing a product to feature in your website on a daily basis can be painful when you have almost 50,000 digital products to choose from. Worse, many products in the list may not really be worthy of your time because of low commission rate or low quality. The screening process for ClickBank’s products is much laxer compared to what Amazon Affiliate is doing to its vendors.

  1. Slow email support

This has been an issue for quite some time now; yet, there is really not much change to talk about since its customer service is still inconsistent. In ClickBank’s defense, it is probably hard to handle email support when there are millions of members using the service. Nevertheless, business expansion can never be an excuse in giving unsatisfying email support.

  1. Tough competition

Since ClickBank has millions of affiliate marketers, there is a big chance that the product you are promoting has already been covered by hundreds or thousands of other affiliate marketers in the same niche. You will be at a great disadvantage if your website’s PageRank is lower than theirs.

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