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Selling over the internet

Are you ready to sell online, but you’re not sure how to go about it? It doesn’t matter what you’ll be selling, there are a few tips to keep in mind. If you want to find out what those tips are, then continue to read on.

Choose The Right eCommerce Platform

The first thing you want to do is find and choose the right eCommerce platform. Whether you’re selling a service or items, you want to make sure you use the right eCommerce platform/software. Not all platforms allow you to sell services, so if you do sell services and products, then choose software that allows you to do both.

While you’re at it, compare several platforms. What features do they offer, and what kind of payment methods do they have in place? How about their rates? The more comparing you do, the more of an informed decision you’ll be able to make.

Sell via Amazon & Facebook Marketplace

Besides selling via eCommerce platforms, place your items for sale on both Amazon and Facebook Marketplace. Amazon is one of the most popular marketplaces and anything and everything can be found on there. If you’re not selling on Amazon, then you’re missing out.

As for Facebook Marketplace, more and more people are turning to it to find products. Make sure you advertise your products on Marketplace and consider buying Facebook Ads for your products. You might be surprised at how much business you can do when you sell via Facebook and Amazon.

Make Delivery Seamless

Regardless of how you sell and what you’re selling, make delivery seamless. Consider throwing in shipping and handling for free for items. If selling services, then use payment processors that are easy to use and make the buying process for customers smoothly. The bottom line is you should make delivery fast, affordable and efficient. If you do these things, then your customers will likely come back for more.

Use These Marketing Tactics

You should setup a blog and post about the items or services you sell. Use search engine optimization tactics too because this is how the search engines and search users will find you. Research keywords related to what you’re selling and then create articles around those keywords.

Also, focus on doing social media marketing. Post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram a few times per week. Buildup your following on those three platforms and consider buying ads. Building a following and paying for ads can be costly and time consuming, but all you really need is one good campaign to make all the difference in the world.

Video marketing is another form of marketing you should be doing when selling online. Create videos for YouTube, Facebook and Instagram and each video should be about your business and products. Encourage people to share your videos and pay to advertise your videos. You might be surprised at how much attention your videos will get, and in turn you’ll sell more products.

Also, consider implementing a referral or affiliate program. Offer to give people a commission when they promote your products, and those promotions results in making sales. If you work hard to attract affiliates, you could end up with many people promoting your products, and you’ll make many more sales without much additional efforts.

Here’s what you want to do, find an eCommerce platform or affiliate marketplace that allows vendors (that’s you) to signup to attract affiliates. Once your account is created, you’ll enter a few pieces of information such as how much your products are, what kind of promotional materials you’ll give to affiliates and how much you’ll give to prospective affiliates once they make sales. Don’t worry because becoming a vendor on affiliate marketplaces is easy.

Furthermore, don’t be stingy when it comes to commissions. Offer at least 50% to 75%. That might seem like a lot, but affiliates can bring in more than enough sales to make it worth your while.

If you want to be successful selling items or services online, then you need to choose the right eCommerce platform. You should also sell via Facebook Marketplace and Amazon, as well as use various marketing tactics. If you do those things and you make delivery seamless and easy, then you’ll have a great chance of being successful with selling online.

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