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Selling Private Label Rights

Another way that you can make money writing for other people is to sell what’s known as PLR, or Private Label Rights content. Private label rights means that the buyers have the right to use the content as if it were their own – they can “private label” it.
They can use it as provided, rewrite it in their own words, use it as research material for other projects or virtually anything else they want to do.
Selling PLR is a good way to leverage your articles and short reports as a writer.

If you take on a writing project for a website owner, you get to charge them once for it and that’s it. They hired you to write the content, which is known as a work-for- hire, so they hold the rights to it – you can’t sell it to anyone else, and you can’t even use it yourself after they’ve paid for it.

With private label rights, on the other hand, you can sell the same articles or report to multiple people. Which means that you get paid multiple times for work you only had to do once.

If you sell PLR content, you’ll typically charge less for it than if you wrote it exclusively for someone. But because you can sell multiple copies, you can actually make more money with it.

For example, let’s say you write five 500 word articles. If you sell them to a single website owner exclusively, you might charge 5 cents per word, or $25 each – $125 in total. If you sell PLR to those same five articles instead, you might charge $10 for all five – less than half a cent per word.

If you sold 13 copies of your PLR article pack you would already have made more than selling them for much more per word to a single client. Finding 13 people to buy this type of content package is not difficult. If you post an ad on forums or put it out to your followers on Twitter and Facebook, you would most likely find quite a few more than that, putting considerably more profit in your pocket than working with a single client.

You could even consider selling the 5 articles for $5. You would need 25 buyers to earn the same $125 as you got from a single client, but at that low a price it’s very possible, and that’s all assuming that you could successfully charge $125 for the 5 articles from the single client in the first place.

Selling Private Label Rights - Make Money With PLR

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