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A Step-by-Step Guide to Using ClickBank

ClickBank offers one of the simplest systems among all active affiliate networks today. It is very easy to use, even for beginners. However, to make your task even simpler, you can opt to just follow this step-by-step guide to making money with ClickBank in no time.

  1. Sign up for a free account.

Signing up with ClickBank is one of the easiest as far as affiliate networks are concerned. All you need to do is click the “Sign-up” button located at the upper righthand corner of the home page and fill out the form as necessary. You only have to confirm the welcome link and you can already start making money.

  1. Select the products that you can promote in your website.

Once the link sent to your email redirects you back to ClickBank’s dashboard page, click the “Marketplace” link on top and start searching products based on the criteria that you prefer. The best way to do this is to sort by category to see the most relevant products to your niche.

  1. Read the details in the product’s sales page.

The product page details the agreement in earning and conditions in promoting the product. Be particular with the average sale that the product makes because your earning for every sale is likely to be close to this. The amount is definitely going to be lower because what you will get is already the net earning minus the tax and other charges.

It is also important for you to check the product’s specifications since this is the time to decide about the product’s quality and marketability.

  1. View the sales stats of the product.

The sales stat is a more in-depth look at the product’s sales history. Be particular about the average rebill total, initial sale, and average sale.

The average rebill total is not applicable to all products. When you see this, it means that the product is open for rebilling, which means you get rebilling commissions from the same customer until he ends his subscription.

The initial sale reflects what affiliate marketers earn in general from the vendor’s product range. This is usually lower than the average sale since the vendor might have products with lower commission rates. The average sale, on the other hand, shows what you can earn from the specific product you are checking for every sale (commission rates can change, depending on the vendor’s discretion and market demand).

  1. Get your Hoplink.

If you are satisfied with the product’s earning potential, proceed to get your affiliate link or what is called Hoplink in ClickBank. Just look for the “Promote” button and provide your ClickBank ID as asked. You can create the Hoplink in just one click, and use that link however you deem proper in your website.

  1. Add a Tracking ID to every product’s Hoplink.

This is optional but recommended. When you create a Hoplink, you would want to know how much money you earn from it so that you can also plan your content efficiently. Knowing the most “lucrative” Hoplinks by adding Tracking IDs allows you to know what to promote harder and what to place at the back of your priority list.

  1. Choose a theme, layout, media, and content format that fit the product that you promote.

You can only start designing the webpage after knowing the product to sell. Ideally, the webpage should clearly match the product’s brand and functions. For instance, do not use the color pink if the product you are promoting is an e-book about mixed martial arts.

  1. Choose the topic and create the outline for the promotional content.

The topic and outline should clearly show the strengths of the product to convince readers to make a purchase. However, your promotional content should appear as neutral as possible because most readers consider biased articles as useless information.

  1. Select the online marketing strategies that can help you close a deal.

You need to bring traffic to your website. Thus, you should start employing other online marketing strategies to keep your rank in the search engine

results page high enough. ClickBank advises through their website that affiliate marketers try email marketing first.

  1. Create linked banner ads to improve brand awareness.

Banner ads are really effective for affiliate marketers. Readers are very visual, so you can convince them more easily if you show them pictures and other unique ad formats.

  1. Add ClickBank’s search feature to your website.

After selecting the products that you are going to promote, you can also get ClickBank’s search feature through the widgets section. This feature allows your readers to search for other products directly from ClickBank’s website. Do not worry, as you get to earn commission for every sale done through your website.

  1. Study the reports from ClickBank and see what you should retain and replace in your products list.

After at least a week to a month, study the report given by ClickBank to determine how well or how bad your links are doing. This is a great way to determine if you are doing just fine or if you are doing something wrong.

 clickbank guide
clickbank guide

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