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Create A Successful Squeeze Page

Top 10 Tips To Create A Successful Squeeze Page That Converts

An ad is typically linked to a landing page. Most marketers direct their potential customers to sales pages, which is a big mistake. Why? Because you are loosing an interested customer and missing the chance, ultimately resulting in repetitive conversions! You are missing the chance to capture his information in order to build up a great email list. For this reason, we will direct the customer to a squeeze page instead of a sales page. This will allow us to build up a long-term relationship with your visitor!

A squeeze page is a landing page with an opt-in form. You won’t be successful by simply linking your Facebook ad to a landing page with nothing more but an opt-in form. There are few more things you have to consider, however you will not have to build a customized squeeze page yourself. There are lots of squeeze page templates on the Internet. However, make sure the squeeze page complies with the following criteria, otherwise no one will sign up to your email list!

Here are my top 10 tips for you!

a) Extend Curiosity

Your squeeze page is an organic extension of your landing page. Simply extend the message of your Facebook ad. For example, if you promised that you will teach your customer how to be successful at Internet marketing, you could tell him a little bit about your product and service! However, don’t reveal too much of what you will give away! Try to make your visitor even more curious. He already made the decision to click on your ad – don’t let him go!

b) Use trigger words

Use the same trigger words that you used in your advertisement. Those words apparently caused the customer to click on your ad. Consequently, it is very likely that they will cause him to take further action – strictly speaking signing up to your email list!

c) Create a video

You have to fill your squeeze page with information. There are marketers who merely provide very little information. However, I highly recommend creating a video. Post it on your website and your opt-in rate will increase dramatically.

Please create nothing fancy! Keep it very simple and as natural and real as possible!

Top Tip: Videos are great, but keep them short. Create a video that is no longer than 5 minutes. 2-3 minutes are perfect though!

d) Social prove

Structure your video wisely. Make sure to show results in the first 30 seconds of your video, any kind of social prove demonstrating the validity of your product or service. Use a screenshot (e.g. of your earning if you can’t come up with a better social prove) that supports the validity of your offer.

Top Tip: Say “hello” to your customer and tell him what he will learn in your video. The next steps are providing the mentioned “social prove” as well as delivering the information he wants.

e) Deliver what your promise

Deliver what your promise! There is nothing more to add. Your customer won’t buy any of your products if you don’t keep your word. Instead, he will sign-off your email list if he doesn’t get what you promised! It will build up your “trust deposit” massively.

f) Free giveaway

People love free stuff and won’t sign up if they will have to pay right away. Create a high quality product that is connected to your niche and give it away for free! What we want to accomplish is capturing his information. Making sales is only the second step – think long-term!

Important: Don’t infringe copyrights! There some very “smart” people out there who give away eBooks without having the right to do so. Don’t be one of them. If you don’t want to create your own product, make sure that you are allowed to distribute copies of the eBook for free.

If you decided to create a video, you can talk at the end of the video about it. Tell people what they will get for signing up to your email list!

g) Repeat your message

“Forecast” what will be revealed in your eBook. The ideal combination is a video plus some bullet points, which restate and emphasize the message of your video. If your visitor will listen and read the message that your video contains simultaneously, they will sign up more likely to your email list.

h) Design

If you chose or create a squeeze page, it is important to keep it as simple as possible. The design should merely support the message of your video. However, don’t use too many colors or fancy designs because people will get distracted. Marketing is not an art competition!

i) Set-up your autoresponder

Don’t forget to set-up your autoresponder. Make sure your customer gets a message once he signed up to your list. For example, a brief “hi, thanks for opting in to my website” is better than remaining silent! Ideally, the first message should contain a few welcoming words as well as the downloading link to your free gift. Don’t let your customer wait if you promise giving away something for free! People don’t like to wait, irrespective of the fact whether they paid for it or not.

Top Tip: In case you have no autoresponder, I highly suggest getting Aweber. It is by far the best autoresponder you can get! You can test it the first 30 days for only $1

PIT STOP: Congratulations, you learned how to setup a high converting squeeze page. The combination of each individual factor is key to success! Make sure to stick to every suggestion to unleash the true power of my method!

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Create A Successful Squeeze Page
Create A Successful Squeeze Page

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