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The Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid in Facebook Marketing

A lot of business owners know that being on social media sites, like Facebook, is an integral part of their marketing success. However, not all traditional marketing strategies work well on social media sites and there are rules to be followed. There are webinars and online training sessions where business owners can learn things that they can do to help market their business. The most important part of these training sessions is avoiding some common Facebook marketing mistakes. Sometimes, knowing what not to do can be just as important as knowing what to do, especially when it comes to social media marketing.

For those who missed out on these webinars and training sessions online, here are the top 3 mistakes to avoid in Facebook marketing.

  1. Promoting your business on your profile page

Not only can it alienate your family, friends, everybody you know, and everybody you’re associated with on Facebook by pushing your business on your profile page, but it’s also against Facebook’s terms. Facebook actually has terms saying that you are not allowed to promote a business or a for-profit entity on your Facebook profile — this is what the Facebook fan page was built for.

Some of you might say that the personal profile page is better in promoting your business because it is where you are connected to more people. The personal profile page is the page where people can request you as a friend on Facebook but it is very limited in terms of marketing your business. The Facebook fan page, on the other hand, has dozens of tools that you can use to build your business online.

Here is a good example why using your profile page for your business is one big marketing mistake. Imagine you weren’t even building a business online but you happen to be friends with people who are — they could be affiliate marketers or network marketers. You are connected with them initially on Facebook because they are your friends. They are your friends maybe because you went to elementary, high school, or college with them or maybe you met them at a bar the other night. And on their newsfeed, all they talk about is how much money they’ve made, how excited they are about their business strategy, or how anxious they are about the webinar that they’re going to host. They are throwing tons of information at you, but you have no clue what they’re talking about and it becomes annoying. This is exactly what your Facebook friends will feel if you are using your profile page to promote your business.

  1. Spamming your links on other people’s timelines

What most people don’t realize is that spam is not just exclusive to email. If you are sending unsolicited links to other people’s timelines and to private messages, it is considered as spamming and you’re committing another big Facebook marketing mistake.

If you want to promote a product or business, try to have real conversations with people. Talk to them about what you have, why you think that what you have might be a fit for them, and if they would be open to looking at your product or service. If they are open to what you are offering, then that is the time where you can send your link.

  1. Tagging people in photos without their permission

No, this is not about tagging your friends in a photo about a concert you attended last week. What this is about is taking a picture of a product that you promote and tagging people that you don’t know (or even those you know) for the sole purpose of promoting that product. You should avoid doing this because a lot of people may not like it and this is also a violation of Facebook’s terms.

There is a big difference between spamming and asking people to click on your link. Just remember that nobody likes spam. Tagging people in the photos of the products that you promote makes no sense unless they are connected to your business. The Facebook fan page was built to help market your business, so use it instead of the personal profile page. Again, to reiterate: In Facebook marketing, knowing the things to avoid is just as important as knowing the things that you should do.

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Facebook Marketing mistakes
Facebook Marketing mistakes

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