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Top Four Internet Marketing Strategies your Need to Adopt for your Business



Online marketing is now a must for any business wishing to succeed and gain a foothold in the increasingly competitive industry. Before, it is optional for a business to have an online presence, and it is usually only needed by those who need to interact with their customers who use the Internet and social media on a regular basis.

However, as technology grew more advanced and the World Wide Web became simpler and more complex at the same time, various brands and businesses have no choice but to adopt internet marketing strategies or be wiped out from the race.

There are several reasons why you should have a solid internet marketing strategy. While marketing strategies are thought of as those that ultimately bring in more sales to a company or business, these strategies serve a far bigger purpose: to establish a good working relationship between the business and its customers and encourage interaction, which can increase exposure to your brand and possibly bring in more targeted customers.

There are several online marketing strategies you can adopt for your business, but here are the top four that are proven to bring in the most effective results:

1) Improve your website beyond the mobile-friendly layout and design.

You may have heard of the responsive layout for websites before, in which the website elements are initially laid out with mobile devices in mind. Bits of code are then gradually added to the initial layout to make it adjust automatically when viewed from larger screen, such as desktop monitors. Responsive layouts have been the new standard in website design, and you should definitely switch your site’s theme to a responsive one if you haven’t yet, for a number of compelling reasons.

First, the way people access websites isn’t the same as before when smartphones didn’t yet exist. Today, Google says more than half of searches come from mobile users, and this gives a hint as to the preferred medium of the majority of Internet users. This means that having a responsive layout allows those who visit your site from their mobiles to have a good first impression of your brand.

Another reason why switching to a responsive layout is a must is that it lets you take advantage of search engine optimization techniques that are related to the composition of your website.

However, even though you’ve already made your website responsive, you have to go beyond that and personally customize the interface to give your site visitors a unique experience. Good and friendly user experience, together with an organized and easy-to-navigate user interface, will turn one-time visitors to regular customers of your website and keep your online presence an active one.

2) Invest in a separate but relevant social media strategy.

When we say “social media”, it is not exclusive to sites like Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform that people use to communicate and interact with each other. These sites are actually just a part of the “social web” or Web 2.0, an evolution from an era that was only one-sided to one where social interaction and participation is the norm. This means that blogs and other forms of websites can also be part of social media strategy.

Having a sound social media plan is one of the many internet marketing strategies that is often overlooked because of the common misconception that social media is not a prerequisite for a brand to be successful, or that social media is only for companies with customers who frequently use the Internet and social media in their consumption of information.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case anymore. Today, when the average person wants to know something, the first thing he usually does is open up a browser and search Google or any other search engine. That is why maintaining high page rank through simple social media strategy helps in increasing exposure to your website and reaching audiences you normally wouldn’t be able to reach.

3) Get your business listed on Google My Business.

Setting up your online shop couldn’t be simpler than completing your Google My Business profile. Google My Business is a free solution, which gives your brand an edge by automatically displaying essential information about your business whenever anyone searches for you in Google Search and Maps. You can add your office address and contact numbers, show photos of and directions to your office, and even reviews from real people who enjoy your brand — all right from the search results, for free. There are many more features of Google My Business that you can check out and use.



4) Deliver great content that makes you an “expert”.

The old adage “Content is King” still rings true especially now in the social media age when information overload is such a common phenomenon. You may be tempted to focus exclusively on the SEO and design aspects of your website, but without the content to back it up, visitors would not turn into customers.

Quality instead of quantity should be your priority when creating content for your customers. Don’t worry about having only a few articles on your blog, for instance. Even if you only have fewer articles compared to other websites on your niche, customers will keep coming back to your site if those deliver better value than the competition.


These are the top four internet marketing strategies that you can start incorporating in your business today to increase exposure and gain new clients. There are many more techniques that you can utilize, but these four are the essentials that every business must set up to have an online presence with a good foundation. It’s all in the basics after all.

Internet Marketing Strategies
Internet Marketing Strategies



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