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Top Methods To Increase Traffic To Your Site

Just posting high quality articles themselves will generate some very good organic traffic for your site over time. However, there are things that you can do to increase your traffic, other than just post articles. These include:

Press Release

Once your website has gone live, put out a press release over that announces this launch, and gives details on what your site is all about, what categories your articles will cover, etc… It’s probably best to get this professionally written, and the writer who is taking care of your articles can most likely take care of the press release creation too.

If you need best help and make everything automatic and simple you should check Magic Submitter – In My Opinion This is the best Option if you don’t want to do it manual

 increase website traffic
increase website traffic


Use a service such as to get backlinks to your site.


Open a Twitter account in your website name (, and post a prominent link to this on your website. Make sure to tweet each time a new article is posted on your site.

To setup automatic tweets, just use  TwitterFeed. You can link your site to TwitterFeed, and your tweets will automatically go out each time a new article is posted!


As with Twitter, open an account in your business name, make a link to it prominent on your website, and post links to new articles as they are posted on your site. Facebook is a little more involved, so you can write a description of your site, add pictures, etc…  TwitterFeed can also be used to automate your Facebook postings.

And most importantly, make sure you log into your personal Facebook account and  let all your friends and family know about your new site, and it’s corresponding Facebook page – encourage all of them to click the “Like” button.

Digg and Reddit

Digg and Reddit are two extremely popular social bookmarking sites. You don’t want to submit every single article on your site, but the articles that you find really interesting, or really bizarre/strange/unusual, go ahead and submit those to these sites.

Generating Revenue

There are several ways you can generate revenue on your site. These include:

Google Adsense

Place  Adsense ad blocks between paragraphs, or at the beginning/end of each article

 increase website traffic
increase website traffic

Sponsored Articles

Once you build up a number of articles on your site, and traffic increases to a couple hundred visitors per day, you’ll start receiving emails (make sure you have a company email address setup) from various companies who have products that they want you to review, and are willing to send you free samples.

Some of these products you can review for free – everyone likes free stuff! However, for most of these you will want to let the company know that you have an “marketing package” that they can take advantage of. This package would include a full writeup and review on your site, plus distribution to all of your Facebook and Twitter fans. By the time you have a few thousand Facebook and Twitter fans, you can easily charge $150-$200 per “marketing package”!

Large Ad Networks

After your site reaches the level of 100,000 page views/month, you can start looking at the large ad networks who will payout at a much higher rate than Adsense. The two networks you should be looking at include  Break Media, and Tribes. Both of these networks work with sites similar to, AskMen.

Long Term or Short Term?

The business plan we have described above is absolutely fantastic for building a solid long term business that will stand the test of time, and bring in thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars each month.

But what if you want a quick $5,000+ in your pocket? How can you accomplish this?

Once you’ve got your site setup, and 100 or so articles posted, you have a very valuable asset that is worth a lot more than you paid putting it together!

Sites such as this, with 100-200 articles and traffic of just a couple hundred visitors per day, are worth (based on previous auction sales), anywhere between

$5,500 and $17,000+!


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