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Twitter Free Traffic Secrets Increase Conversions

Twitter is an extremely powerful tool for getting free traffic to your site and increasing conversions.

In this report I want to explain the most simple Twitter traffic method for free traffic that can easily generate hundreds or thousands of clicks daily on semi-autopilot.

***Before attempting these methods, please note some of them are considered grey hat. I do not use blackhat marketing methods in my marketing portfolio but sometimes I might cross the line into grey hat in terms of saving time.

It is important to keep in mind, that Twitter is a social network and people are on there to have a good time. If you spam Twitter you will get banned, and your campaigns will likely fail.

You should design a site that people will enjoy visiting or get true value from then. You will be much more successful using Twitter by doing this. Plus if you post good stuff people will “retweet” your content and you may go viral.

For example, if your site focuses on providing good content and controversial information about a particular niche where people can interact, then you will have much more success.

On the contrary, if your site is about a blatant sell for an affiliate product, Twitter traffic methods will not work as well (maybe not at all) and you might be flagged for spamming.

Below is an example of a perfect type of site that you can set up that has all the bells and whistles of something that could go viral on Twitter. It has interaction, controversy, and best of all an indirect plug for a CPA offer.

This type of site can be set up for any type of niche. My recommendation is to set up something like a quiz, or a controversial video, or contest that has the potential to get people sharing. I have even added Facebook comments and a Facebook like box to this site.

The Actual Traffic Methods

What you will need:

  • A blog type website with an RSS feed
  • 5+ Twitter Accounts
  • 1 Twitterfeed Account
Step 1 Create Twitter accounts.

This is pretty straight forward. The more accounts you have, the more traffic you will get. When creating these accounts, make them relevant to your niche. For example, if your niche is diabetic recipes, make sure your profile reflects that. Make sure to make the name, profile, pictures and page layouts look really professional.

Step 2 Create a Twitterfeed account.

Again pretty straight forward. TwitterFeed is a site that takes new entries from your RSS feed and tweets them automatically.

Step 3 Set up Twitterfeed with your blog RSS

Login into your TwitterFeed account and click “Create New Feed.”

Enter the url of your RSS feed.

Link all of your Twitter accounts to that feed. Once you do this, all twitter accounts will post a tweet every time you post something new on your blog.

IMPORTANT: Don’t go crazy and start posting a bunch of posts every day. 1 a day should be the most or your Twitter accounts may get closed.

Step 4 Getting Followers to Your Accounts

This is the oldest trick in the book for getting followers, but it still works. I also explain below a simple way to automate this all.

First let me explain the follow/unfollow method. Basically you follow a bunch of people and unfollow those who don’t follow you back after a few days. Usually about 10-20% of the people you follow will follow you back depending on how you target the people you follow.

There are many software programs that do this, but you can do it manually also.

When gathering followers try to target different people in different sub niches within your niche for each twitter account. So for example in the diabetic example on 1 Twitter account you would target people in the ” diabetic recipes” sub niche, then on another Twitter account you would target people in the “diabetic supplies” sub niche and so on. By making sure you gather different sets of followers for every account you will reduce the number of multiple accounts with the same followe

IMPORTANT: You do not want to get banned from Twitter. So don’t follow people at a rapid speed. No one knows for sure what the cut off point is but usually start with 10-20 follows the first few days, then work your way up to 100, and ultimately get to 1000 follows a day.

Step 5 – Start Posting

Ok so now that you have a bunch of followers in each of the accounts you can start posting content on your blog. Here is what you should consider when posting your content.

It should have any of these or a combination of these:

  • Relevancy to the niche,
  • Controversy,
  • The potential to go viral
  • Something to offer that is not just a blatant promotion

Every time you post something on your site, it has the potential to reach thousands of people and those people might also “retweet” this if it is something really cool.

The more accounts you have the more traffic you will get. The more you post on your site good content, the more traffic you will get.



  • Make sure your site looks professional and has nice images and does not look like an obvious affiliate page.
  • Make sure your site is properly monetized or is a squeeze page. (AdSense, CPA offers or list building work well – don’t go for high ticket sales since this traffic is not going to work well on cold sales)
  • Post frequently and make your titles very controversial or really offers benefit for them to click the link. Remember your title will be what is Tweeted!
  • Target users who will have a direct interest in your site – this will drastically improve conversions and/or email optins.
  • Scale it up -The easiest way to scale this is by creating a ton of Twitter accounts with a bunch of followers.
  • Try not to follow the same people with more than one of your accounts

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Twitter Free Traffic
Twitter Free Traffic

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