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Why Video Salesletters Convert So Much Higher


There are a few simple reasons why VSLs convert so much higher than traditional salesletters:

People can’t skip to the price. If you make the buy button appear 15 minutes in, they have to watch 15 minutes before they decide if it’s too expensive or not. Many, many sales are lost in text salesletters because people skip to the price before you have a chance to demonstrate value in the product. VSLs force users to hear the value before making a decision.

It’s more emotional. Your tone of voice can convey a ton of emotion that text salesletters just can’t convey. Emotions are what cause people to buy. Text, sound and video together are far more emotionally engaging.

It’s hypnotic. Reading a page takes effort. Sitting back and watching a video is easy.¬†People can just sit back and let you take them on a ride … and hypnotize them into buying your product.

You engage their whole brain. You actually get them to visualize themselves owning your product. The language centers of their brain, the visual centers, the “emotional communication” parts of the brain, the right and the left side of the brain – all of them are engaged. That gets them more “hooked” on to your product and more likely to buy.

It appears to be valuable. If you’re presenting tips in the video, people will often feel like they’re getting real value. They don’t feel like they’re reading a sales piece. They won’t just close the page because they think you’re pitching them. They’ll keep watching for the tips, while you secretly build their desire for your product.

It works. That’s the most important thing. It really doesn’t matter why it works, what’s important is that it works. Almost every top Clickbank infoproduct uses a VSL now. If you want to succeed, it’s what you need to do.

Video Salesletters
Video Salesletters

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