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For many people, Ebay presents a straightforward way of selling things that they have in their house or have picked up here and there. However, if Ebay sales start to dip or never start to take off the way they expect, they might figure that online selling isn’t going to be successful for them. While Ebay works well for many people, there are other online sites other than Ebay that can make you money. What are your other options?


You might already be familiar with the huge online behemoth Amazon sells all kinds of products. However, you might not realize how much money you can make with them. Amazon offers you many ways to profit from working with them.

The first way you can make money with Amazon is simple: trade-in your items. If you have video games, books and some other materials, use the search bar to find your item and then look for a trade-in option. This way, you’re making money with Amazon directly. Once they receive your trade-in, they will pay you with an Amazon giftcard. You can use that money to purchase something that you’ll sell, or something for your household that you need or want.

Another way to make money with Amazon is to sell as an individual seller. Unlike Ebay, you’ll rarely have to create your own listing. Often, you’ll be able to find the item through search and click on the “Have One Like This?” link. You can then set your price. If you’re able to undercut existing prices from Amazon and other sellers, you’re likely to be chosen by a buyer. Your pay will be disbursed to your bank account–every two weeks unless you have an existing Mturk or seller account.

Yet another way to make money on Amazon is through their “Fulfilled By Amazon” program, also called Amazon FBA. You’ll do this with a professional selling account. For about $40, you get access to a dashboard and more tools to help your selling to succeed. Moreover, when you participate in the FBA program, you box up your items and send them off to Amazon.list them, and then Amazon ships out the products. Never have to interact with clients about shipping, and they don’t have to worry that they won’t get their items. Must to pay storage fees after some time, but the relief you feel from not worrying about shipping products can be considerable.

As a professional and an individual seller, be aware that Amazon does charge fees and will take a percentage of each sale.

You can also profit from this company with an affiliate account, also called an Amazon Associate. Associates generally make money the same way that other affiliates do;. If you prefer blogging to selling, being an affiliate may work well for you.


The social media site everyone uses is not only good for interacting with your friends and relatives. It can also be a great way for you to sell things and conduct business. The Facebook marketplace can be a smart place to list anything you’re trying to sell. Usually payment will be arranged between the seller and the buyer, so if you want someone to meet you and pay for the item in cash that’s possible.

Facebook owns both Instagram and WhatsApp, and both of those applications plan to introduce selling and buying options. Instagram is already shoppable.


IS best craftsperson or the person who is selling vintage products, . Etsy does have fees, but reaches out to an audience that appreciates vintage materials and handmade products. Because it’s such a targeted audience, you may find that you have better luck selling on this site.


Craigslist is a free place for you to list your things.. You list your items in cities near you and people purchase them. You’ll have to work out whether to ship the item or meet the buyer. Some of the items being sold on Craigslist are free, and some sellers get Craigslist free items and sell them on Ebay and online sites other than Ebay too.

Mercari and Letgo

Two apps that let you sell things are Mercari and Letgo. Both are usually viewed on people’s smartphones and tablets. In fact Mercari can only be viewed through the app. People sell their products and payment is arranged privately for Letgo and through the Mercari system for Mercari. Mercari does hold your profits for a period, so keep that in mind.

Your Own Website

When you’re ready to strike out on your own with a website, you may find that your profits are higher than ever. With the help of Shopify or WooCommerce, you can set up your own storefront without much trouble. Just know that the traffic which comes with online sites other than Ebay may disappear because no one know your new site exists. However, with research and work, you can build up a nice-sized following.

Ebay is a great site, but to make as much money as possible, you can experiment with other sites as well. Try these suggestions and see which sites work best for you.


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