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Why Be a Vendor and Not an Affiliate

There are two ways to approach Clickbank. You can approach it as an affiliate, or you can approach it as a vendor.

This guide is about being a vendor. I know a lot of newbies are more drawn to being an affiliate. If that’s you, I’ll tell you right now: that’s one of the reasons you’re having a hard time making money.

To really help you make a decision about which is the better route to go, let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of each

The Pros and Cons of Being an Affiliate

Pro: Lower initial setup time. You can literally throw up a Facebook ad and start running traffic in 24 hours.

Con: It’s much more competitive. Every arena of affiliate marketing is being fought over by super affiliates. Whether you’re buying Facebook PPC, Bing Ads or doing SEO, you’re in a high competition arena. The chances of success are slim. If there’s no competition for your traffic source, it’s probably because there isn’t much money to be made there.

Pro: You get to jump from project to project. A lot of newbies have “Entrepreneurial ADD” and affiliate marketing lets you indulge that.

Con: The distribution of success is unequal. Generally, affiliates are either making

$10,000+ a month or they’re struggling to make money. 99% of affiliate don’t make any money; while 1% make a ton of money. It’s rare to meet a semi-successful affiliate, because you either beat the competition and have a successful system or you don’t.

Con: You rarely make long term money. PPC, PPV and CPM campaigns almost always die within weeks or months. Even SEO campaigns die, unless you’re creating genuine authority sites. You’re not building a real asset. Your money can easily disappear overnight. I know firsthand, as I had a $6,000 a month AdWords dating CPA campaign drop to zero overnight.

Pros and Cons of Being a Vendor

  • Pro: There’s a wide income distribution. You have vendors making $500 a month, $5,000 a month, $50,000 a month and $500,000 a month. It’s not hard for a newbie to come along and make $1,000-$5,000 a month as a vendor. The competition in your specific niche won’t be all that fierce. Their chances of success are a lot higher.

If you want to be  a vendor on ClickBank you should check this for sure 

 Be a Vendor and Not an Affiliate On ClickBank
 Be a Vendor and Not an Affiliate On ClickBank Be a Vendor and Not an Affiliate On ClickBank


 Be a Vendor and Not an Affiliate On ClickBank
Be a Vendor and Not an Affiliate On ClickBank

Con: The startup time is higher. You need to create a sales funnel and you need to create a product. More on this later.

Pro: The traffic and money is long term. Yes, it takes more effort up front, but the traffic and the cash doesn’t die all of a sudden.

Con: It appears harder. Being a vendor scares people, because they think it’s harder. In truth, being an affiliate is way harder. As a vendor, all you need to do is be better than a handful of others in a narrow niche. As an affiliate, assuming you’re promoting a converting offer (which you have to if you want to make money,) you’re competing against all the top affiliates in the entire world. Being a vendor is far, far easier.

Pro: It’s not hit or miss. With affiliate marketing, you could do everything right, but so much of finding a successful campaign still comes down to luck. With being a vendor, if you do the right things, you’ll make money. No luck, no “losing streaks.” You work, you get paid.

This guide focuses on being a successful vendor. More specifically, we’re going to go into how to be a successful vendor without using SEO, PPC or any other expensive or time consuming strategies that take months.

I’m not saying not to do affiliate marketing. I am saying that being a vendor is more newbie friendly. If you already understand keyword-level tracking, day parting, split testing, copywriting, offer rotation and other advanced concepts, by all means be an affiliate. If you’re just getting started and you’re looking to make your first $1,000 to $5,000 online, then make it easy on yourself. Be a vendor.


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