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Write to Make Money Online Without Investment


Do you have a talent in writing? Do you want to make money out of this talent without the hassle of working in an office? If your answer is yes, then rest assured that there are several writing opportunities for you online. However, you also need to be thorough in sorting out which among the writing gigs offered to you are legitimate and pay well.

You need to determine which one perfectly suits your talent and skills. If you decide to make money online without investment, then the following writing opportunities are available for you:


  1. Web Content Writing – Several websites, such as Associated Content, Demand Studios, WiseGeek and, are always in search of writers who can fill their sites with high quality content. Working as a writer in these sites allows you to earn money without the need to invest anything. These sites often require their writers to sprinkle keywords and top search terms in their written content to drive traffic.


Payment is usually on a flat fee basis or on a fixed rate plus bonuses for page views or traffic. Note, however, that there are sites that offer extremely low payments, so ensure that you read the fine print and conduct a thorough research before working on any web content writing gigs.


  1. Copywriting – Web copywriting requires you to write promotional copies for a site. Your goal, as a copywriter, is to encourage readers to take action, which is usually to purchase a product or pay for a service. This is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online without investment by offering your writing skills. It is primarily because copywriters contribute a lot to the sales and profits of a company.


One way to find copywriting jobs is to visit job boards. Some web owners also post jobs in sites, like Craigslist and Freelance Writing jobs, so consider visiting these places to access different writing opportunities. Another tip is to contact website owners directly. Send an impressive letter of introduction telling them that you are interested to take on any copywriting jobs they have for a fee.


  1. Press Release Writing – Not a lot of writers are capable of writing high quality press releases, so if you have a talent in this specific field, then rest assured that there is a huge market for you. A press release is a write-up designed to connect any interesting news to the public, including those about mergers, company expansions and new hires in top level business industry.


Your goal, as a press release writer, is to inform readers about recent developments in a company, giving it more exposure. If you write high quality press releases, then there is a great chance for business journalists to pick these up and repurpose them. This will further increase the reach and exposure of these write-ups.


  1. E-book writing – E-books aim to provide more in-depth information about a specific topic. It requires extensive research, so you can provide real value to your readers. You can write your own e-books and publish them online. One of the best online places to publish your books is Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. You may also write e-books for clients. Just make sure that you are willing to transfer all the rights to your clients once you send the output to them.


  1. Blogging – If you are still a beginner in the field of writing online, then note that you can efficiently expose your writing skills by creating your own blog. Your blog will effectively demonstrate your skills and prove to potential clients that you have the ability to produce high quality contents based on their requirements.


Ensure to write blogs about topics that interest you. For instance, if you love movies, avoid creating a blog for fashion. Consider working on a blog containing movie reviews, instead. Proofread your blog thoroughly to ensure that you provide valuable content to your readers.


You can also earn money from your blog. Just post high quality contents so you can earn lots of followers. This will encourage companies to approach you and ask if they can post an ad on your site.


  1. Technical writing – Another opportunity for you if you want to make money online without investment is to work as a technical writer. Your goal is to put together technical and complex procedures, explanations and descriptions and explain them in layman’s terms so the average reader can understand them.


Most technical writers need to produce user manuals for electronics, and computer software and hardware. High-tech industries, like those in the field of aeronautics, robotics and engineering, also hire them to create manuals. If you are an expert in explaining technical subjects in a way that average readers can easily understand them, then working as a technical writer is perfect for you.


There are lots of available jobs for anyone who wishes to earn money online through writing. Choose an area where you think you will thrive. Note that narrowing your focus and picking a writing specialization will allow you to build your credibility. While it’s good to be an all-around writer, it’s still best to find that specific area, which can increase your potential to earn more.


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