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Learn How To Write The Perfect Ad On Facebook

Once you identified your customers, you can start writing those ads. However, writing an ad is not very simple. There are marketing companies that focus merely on finding slogans and appealing pictures. It is pure marketing psychology. Let me tell you the most basic guidelines that you must obey!

The most crucial thing is capturing the curiosity of your customer. The purpose of the ad is NOT to make money. You have to write the ad in a way that provokes the curiosity of the customer and awakes the desire to click on it. Nothing more. Advertisement is just about capturing the customer’s interest. Making money is the second step, but not the first.

So how do you have to write your ad to make your potential customers curious? Here are my top tips:

a)  Be specific

Be as specific as possible! There are two questions you have to answer in your ad:

What will your customer see if he clicks on the ad?

What is the next step the customer has to take?

Tell people what they will see and what they have to do next! This is your call to action. Curiosity is about providing information what they will see next and how they will benefit from clicking on it.

b) Language

To write an appealing ad, it is important to use the language of your customer. Use “insider words” that are actually used in your niche market!

For example, if you market a product about affiliate or CPA marketing you should use words such as autopilot, laser-targeted traffic, squeeze page or residual income.

And here you can see again the importance of having a clear vision of who your buyers are! To use the language of your customers, you most know who they are!

Top Tip: Research is key! Read articles or browse for videos that are typically watched in your niche market! Set up a list of keywords and pick the three best words that will trigger action!

c) Show Your Face

There is one secret that I want to share with you. Having a well-written ad is crucial. However, if you want to have really high conversions, you need to brand your products.  And the easiest way to brand your product is connecting your ad to a picture of you!

A personalized product will lead to higher conversion rates. People don’t like buying products from anonymous sources. If they read your name and see a picture of you they will more likely click on your ad. Find 3-5 great looking pictures of yourself and save them in a separate file to upload them in a matter of seconds.

Important: Do NOT use someone else’s picture without the consent of that person.This behavior qualifies as copyright infringement and typically leads to lawsuits!

d) Provide solutions

As I mentioned above, people don’t care about your product in the first place. They are looking for a solution to their problems. It is scientifically proven. For this reason, you must state how your product or service will help them.

In order to write the ad from the perspective of the customer, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What causes stress or nightmares to your potential customer?


  • What do they try to avoid at all costs?


  • What are they exited about?

In other words, try to determine what causes fear or pain and pleasure to your buyers! Once you have a clear vision of their desires and needs, it will be very easy to write an appealing ad.

As you can see again, analyzing and detecting “buyer-profiles” is crucial!

PIT STOP: Well done! You identified one or more buyer profile, based on which you determined the problems and solutions your customers are looking for! With this clear vision of your buyers it will be very easy to write a compelling ad!


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Write The Perfect Ad
Write The Perfect Ad

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