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Writing Short Reports

Writing short reports is a slightly different strategy from writing articles, and they can be combined for even better results.

A short report is typically 2,500 to 5,000 words where the average article might be anywhere from 400 to 1,000. So they’re not a great deal more work, but they can give you more leverage – and ultimately generate more revenue.


A report will cover a topic in more detail than an article would, and as such you can include multiple affiliate links throughout the report. They might all be for the same product or service, or they might be for related offers that complement one another.

These reports can cover the same sort of topics as your articles but in more detail, for example:

  • Reviewing a product or service (or comparing multiple alternatives)
  • Teaching the reader how to do something
  • Give a more general overview of a topic, with recommendations to more specific training throughout the report


These reports can be posted directly to the web, where people can read them much like your articles or you can give them away from your website or another page, letting people download them to their own computer.


There are a number of “document sharing” websites that will let you post longer content like this:


Uploading your report to these sites makes it available to the public both through the sites themselves and through Google and other search engine referrals.

The second way of using these reports is actually the more powerful of the two – giving them away from your own website.

You can either give the report away freely, by just having it linked from your website for people to download or you can give it away in exchange for the reader giving you the ability to contact them – name & email, liking your Facebook page, following your Twitter account, etc.

Why would you want them to give you their contact information? Because it gives you the ability to contact them over and over again, which lets you do many things:


  • Email them or send them a Tweet or Facebook message whenever you post a new article somewhere
  • Send them affiliate promotions directly, without even needing to write an article
  • Use your articles as the content of the email or other messages you send them
  • Share other interesting information that you come across on other websitesThe point is that you can build a relationship with those people. If you provide value in the things you send them, they will not only look forward to hearing from you, they’ll trust you. Which means when you send them a promotion of some sort, they’re much more likely to take you up on it. 

    Note: You don’t necessarily have to create a website of your own to use this strategy. You can set up pages on sites like Squidoo to “deliver” your report to your readers and then simply refer people there. Just remember what we talked about already – building a website of your own gives you the ability to control your own destiny. You’re not at the mercy of another service that might change something or go away suddenly.

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